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Karl Brisseaux ’11

His transition to college life has not been without challenges. His highly demanding major prompted him to occasionally avail himself of academic support services offered by Lehigh. "They helped make life easier," he says.

He's found additional success through several activities and programs outside the classroom.

"Extracurriculars enhance your experience and will solidify your sense of belonging at Lehigh," says Brisseaux, who considers himself "fortunate enough to be involved in some really positive organizations on campus," such as the Brown and Black student newspaper, and the Break the Silence support service for sexual assault victims.

Brisseaux has also served as a Gryphon in Lehigh residence halls. That role in particular, he says, has greatly contributed to his personal evolution.

"I've grown a lot as a leader since coming to Lehigh," he says. "The work I've done over the past year with my Residence Life Coordinator Matt Kerch has done a great deal to improve my problem solving skills, and has made me more confident in dealing with the crises that spring up in life, whether big or small."

Brisseaux feels that he's become more outspoken about and confident in his opinions, morals, and values.

"I feel much more compelled to speak out when something is awry or unjust, and I definitely have to thank our Break the Silence program and (Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator) Michelle Issadore for that."

His advice to aspiring students: "Pay a visit to our university, and spend a weekend here if possible. Come here with an open mind, because there is a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and engagement."


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