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A Continued Commitment to Diversity

May 13, 2011

Below is the text of a statement that was read at a public hearing before the Bethlehem City Council in support of a proposed ordinance that would prohibit discrimination and establish a Human Relations Commission to enforce its provisions:

Lehigh University supports adoption of the proposed Human Relations Ordinance in the City of Bethlehem. This ordinance would make discrimination in housing, education, employment, and public accommodation illegal and would create a local commission to enforce the law. This is an important step forward in ensuring the rights of all our citizens.   

Lehigh University is proud to be a part of the Bethlehem community and of the tremendous progress being made in the city. Lehigh’s students, faculty and staff, like everyone living and working in our city, represent a variety of races, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations, genders, and physical and mental abilities and disabilities, and they should live free from discrimination. Passing this ordinance will provide a powerful mechanism for opposing discrimination and will create a more vibrant and inclusive community for all our citizens.