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A tiny weapon joins fight against cancer

An engineering alum builds a sensing device from nanotubes and DNA.

Unearthing ‘hidden’ civil engineering collections

Linderman Library gets grant to archive the papers of international engineering legends.

How do you want to learn?

A trio of engineering students at Mountaintop tackle an education problem.

Tackling indoor air pollution

Inside a mud hut, students seek a solution for developing countries.

Lehigh shines at global innovation event

Research teams garner six invitations and take home two awards.

Engineers show off inventions, ingenuity

Seniors cap a yearlong lab with a diverse display in Packard Lab.

A toy story

Shannon Varcoe hopes her wooden building blocks help kids with ADHD.

"They want to stay here and give back"

A sociology student surveys the children of illegal immigration.

Helping youngsters with 3-D printing

A group of students at Mountaintop hope to aid young stroke victims with 3-D-printed devices.

The final word on New Spain's José de Gálvez

His heiresses, says a historian, wrote the lasting legacy of the would-be reformer.

Yongkang Gao (right) and Filbert J. Bartoli took advantage of nanofabrication advances to improve the resolution of their nanoscale biosensors to levels almost as sensitive as those achieved by much larger commercial systems.


Light and electrons, a profitable dance

Engineers use nanofabrication advances to improve the sensitivity of nanoplasmonic biosensors.