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Bridging the gap between D.C. and the academy

U.S. Rep. Dent accepts a grad student’s invitation to tour a biology lab.

An early career boost for a teacher-scholar

Engineer works at nanoscale for greener chemical separations.

Connecting with a target audience

A marketing major creates opportunities on a global scale.

Complete Coverage: The 2014 David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium

Mathew Boyer '14 took the top prize with his work on DNA modeling.

Engineers prepare for annual undergraduate research symposium

The best from Lehigh and Lafayette go head to head in 10-year-old contest.

Convocation honors scholarly achievement

More than 500 students were recognized for individual academic accomplishments at the 35th Annual Honors Convocation.

The cooperative effects of tension and elasticity

In simple experiments, a grad student discovers an “emergent phenomenon.”

The role of wrath in modern social movements

A graduate student draws lessons from a 14th-century English poem.

Structural engineer measures impact of tsunami debris

Clay Naito’s research may result in better building designs in coastal cities at risk from tsunamis.

Kudos for a groundbreaking summer program

The research experience for physics undergrads receives another federal grant renewal.

Yongkang Gao (right) and Filbert J. Bartoli took advantage of nanofabrication advances to improve the resolution of their nanoscale biosensors to levels almost as sensitive as those achieved by much larger commercial systems.


Light and electrons, a profitable dance

Engineers use nanofabrication advances to improve the sensitivity of nanoplasmonic biosensors.