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Listening beyond one's horizons

At home and abroad, Dean Donald Hall seeks harmony and tolerance.

Helping Mexico go green

Scientists seek to use recycled carbon dioxide to boost geothermal power production.

The ISIS jihad: "A very, very serious crisis"

Henri Barkey discusses Iraq, Syria, Turkey and the Kurds.

'A culture of excellence’

Students reflect on the Mountaintop 2014 experience.

Engineering professor named NSF program director

Hector Muñoz-Avila, an expert in artificial intelligence, is beginning a two-year rotation.

A high honor for a grad student

Niki Patel presents her catalysis research at ACS symposium.

Foiling bugs that foil drugs

An organic chemist builds tools to help the immune system fight bacterial infections.

An elusive Nobel laureate

A student film probes the life and poetry of Wisława Szymborska.

Technology for smarter living spaces

Student researchers aim to equip homes and offices with intelligence.

A tiny weapon joins fight against cancer

An engineering alum builds a sensing device from nanotubes and DNA.

Yongkang Gao (right) and Filbert J. Bartoli took advantage of nanofabrication advances to improve the resolution of their nanoscale biosensors to levels almost as sensitive as those achieved by much larger commercial systems.


Light and electrons, a profitable dance

Engineers use nanofabrication advances to improve the sensitivity of nanoplasmonic biosensors.