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Undergraduate students earn academic accolades

More than 550 juniors and seniors were honored for academic achievement at the university’s Honors Convocation on March 30 for achieving a GPA of 3.6 or higher or earning other academic accolades.

Lehigh President Alice P. Gast told the students and their parents that the young scholars had “through hard work and persistence turned promise and potential into achievement.

“You have truly earned the recognition you are receiving today, and each of you can take pride in your success.”

Provost Pat Farrell said that students stand as a testament to the university’s mission of preparing—young men and women for the challenges of the 21st century. “We are a proud community of scholars,” he said, “and there is no one we are prouder of than today’s honorees.”

Donald Hall, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, underscored the value of a liberal arts education—even in a world dominated by “sound bites and stripped down messages”—before introducing Victoria Herrmann, a double major in international relations and art history.

Herrmann ’12 recounted her unique learning experiences at Lehigh, which included an internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the U.S. Embassy of Tbilisi in Georgia, several study abroad experiences, and participation in the Engineers Without Borders and Green Action student organizations.

“As I head towards graduation and a junior fellow position at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,” Herrmann said, “I am unbelievably grateful to those professors who made me yearn for something bigger than the next homework assignment.”

Fast forward to “cloud nine”

Paul Brown, dean of the College of Business and Economics, introduced Jena Viviano ‘12, a finance and marketing double major, whom he described as “a leader in every way.”

Viviano recalled her early experiences at Lehigh, when she lacked the self-confidence to achieve academic success and find her place at Lehigh.

“Fast forward three years,” she said. “I’m in Brussels, Belgium, sitting with one of my sorority sisters at an outdoor café, gushing about the past three days we spent in Paris and the three before that in London. I had just finished up an incredibly intense investment banking internship with Citigroup, where I got to work in both Manhattan and London. I was on cloud nine, and that’s when I truly began to reflect on my time at Lehigh.”

In addition to supportive and caring professors, Viviano also credited the first class of women undergraduate students, who entered Lehigh 40 years ago. “My accomplishments wouldn’t even be a possibility without their determination and strength,” she said.

David Wu, dean of the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, focused on Lehigh’s “magical, unprecedented and historic” win over Duke in the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball playoffs to remind attendees of the importance of attitude, behavior and character.

Wu introduced Megan Colville, an industrial engineering and political science major and student in the Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts & Sciences (IDEAS) honors program, who also cited Lehigh’s upset victory to illustrate the sense of pride she shares with fellow students.

“The connections you gain at Lehigh—with professors, students and alumni—are invaluable,” she said. “The Lehigh connection carries weight. Take advantage of it. These connections lead to opportunities. Pursue them. Through Lehigh, you have the connections to leverage that success.”

Prizes and Awards

Alpha Pi Mu Prize (Industrial Engineering)
Jin Chen

American Chemical Society Award (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)
Liam T. Smith
Matthew S. Yosua

American Institute of Chemists Award (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Biochemistry)
Jennifer M. Colquhoun
Rebecca H. Masel

American Society of Civil Engineers Prize (Civil Engineering)
Kenneth P. Sweeney

David A. Begelman Endowed Prize in the Department of Management
Monica Lucas

Robert W. Blake Memorial Award
Chandler E. Navara  
Leah C. Paulson

Bethlehem Fabricators Award
Matthew Scott Peterson

Nelson Leighton Bond Memorial Prize
Perri Dana Brendzel  
Kelly Margaret Peterson

The William H. Chandler Chemistry Prize (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)
John L. Barton
Matthew J. Boyer
Vanessa R. Kern
Ciera M. Rosario
Jennifer B. Shah
Adrienne S. Viola

John B. Carson Prize (Civil Engineering)
Frank A. Artmont

Class of 1904 Scholarship Award
Jarred S. Barnes
Daniel M. DePietro
Joelle M. Dorskind
Mary Grace Doyle
Seth D. Fortney
Monique N. Golden  
Eric M. Goldstein
Anne Marie Kerchberger
Elizabeth A. Lucas
Christian J. McCollum
Alison M. Morrow
LeVaughn M. Nesbitt
Rosemarie Roessel
Kyle J. Schwartz

Alpha A. Diefenderfer Award (Chemistry)
Daniel A. Nissley

Dreyfus Portfolio (Finance)
Hubert S. Dagbo
Erika A. Kretschmann

Aurie N. Dunlap Prize (International Relations)
Matthew B. Sumner

Eta Kappa Nu Prize
Ryan P. King

German Prize
Olivia K. Sardo

Malcolm J. Gordon, Jr., Physics Prize (Physics)
Carolina E. Mattsson

Samuel L. Gulden Memorial Award
Wyatt W. Pierson

Handwerk Prize
John A. Logan
Emily M. Mead

Bill Hardy Memorial Prize
Frank A. Artmont

George D. Harmon Memorial Award (History)
Allyson K. Baer
Stephanie P. Albano

David Hellekjaer Memorial Award
Ainsley E. Timmel

Joseph C. Hendrzak Memorial Award (Military Science)
Benjamin W. Rosen

Donnel Foster Hewitt Award (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Kevin D. Barrett

Robert C. Hicks Prize (Chemical Engineering)
William J. Napier

Harold J. Horn Prize (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Jordan A. Thimot

C.C. Hsiung Award
Joseph Z. Eggert
Lindsey M. Smith

Institute of Internal Auditors Senior Award (Accounting)
Lydia M. Gourley

Institute of Management Accountants Senior Award (Accounting)
Tyler D. Piede

Richard H. Johnson Economics Prize (Economics)
Ankit (Anjan) Gupta

Carey B. Joynt International Relations Leadership Award
Arriel J. Rubinstein

Junior SCM Scholar Award (Supply Chain Management)
Angela R. Rodriguez

Kahn Memorial Award (Materials Science and Engineering)
Jason T. Bono

Marketing Lambda Mu Sigma Award
Jennifer L. Ballen
Bryn V. Bartley
Sara K. Berman
Brian D. Clabby
Amanda K. Evans
Jessica L. Jacobson
Taylor S. Kite
Matthew R. Malone
Amy M. Mattucci
Caitlin M. Oberlin
Alana N. Opitz
Minu Paulose
Brittany A. Pietrosh
Lauren A. Pietrosh
Nicole L. Pinto
Amira N. Sa’abana
Rebecca J. Slegers
Jena M. Viviano
Sara E. Walsh
Joanie L. Webber
Ellen C. Woolgar

Mathematics Faculty Award (Mathematics or Statistics)
William D. Dearden
Logan R. McNamara

Merck Index Award (Biochemistry and Chemistry)
Tony D. Thompson

J. Robert Munford Award (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Meagan G. Patrick

Elizabeth Major Nevius Award
Krista M. Belick
Shara K. Dunham
Elizabeth C. Guzzo
Jarrett A. Haklits
Jill A. Ireland
Jessica L. Miller
Kimberly R. Osborn
Anthony P. Pascale
Nicholas J. Pison
Caroline E. Potock
James C. Rule
Ashley N. Sciora
Rachel L. Udasin

Newman Foundation Service Award
Darren M. Pfeil
Jennifer M. Pysher

John Cyril Osborn Award (Materials Science and Engineering)
William C. Lenthe
Christopher J. Marvel

Patti T. Ota Women’s Study Award
Katherine A. Johnston

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Prize  (Accounting)
Amanda L. Gosselin

Phi Sigma Kappa Scholarship Cup
Gamma Phi Beta

Pi Tau Sigma Prize (Mechanical Engineering)
Scott N. Larson
Leonard P. Pool Memorial Prize
Christopher S. Hall

Allen S. Quier Prize (Materials Science and Engineering)
Ryan D. Feuerbach

Col. Edward W. Rosenbaum Award
Kyle C. Davison

Senior SCM Scholar Award (Supply Chain Management)
Jacqueline P. Ogden

The Oles M. Smolansky Award for Academic Excellence in International Relations
Victoria S. Herrmann

The Society of Information Management (SIM) Future Leader Award
Geoffrey S. Baird

John S. Steckbeck Memorial Award (Military Science)
Matthew S. Yosua

Bradley Stoughton Student Award (Materials Science and Engineering)
John A. Logan

SCM Professor Award (Supply Chain Management)
Zachary M. Casler

Tau Beta Pi Prize
Alexander T. Brown
Ryan P. King  
Liam T. Smith
Susanne F. Petryna
Anne C. Theurkauf

CBE Nelson Leighton Bond Memorial Prize
Perri D. Brendzel  
Marybeth L. Egan

CBE Tauck Scholar
Kelly M. Peterson
Brittany A. Pietrosh
Lauren A. Pietrosh
Andrew R. Wallstein

Thompson International Portfolio
Jennifer M. Pinga
Jonathan M. Abbey

Thornburg Mathematics Prize (Mathematics)
Nan Dong
Lindsey M. Smith

Trustees Scholarship Cup
Alpha Chi Omega

Harry M. Ullmann Chemistry Prize (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)
Carly A. Hankins 
Michelle S. Hofman

John R. Wagner Award (Mechanical Engineering)
Scott N. Larson

H.R. & Y.B. Wei Prize (Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics)
Melissa Nicole Dye

William Whigham, Jr., Memorial Prize (Engineering)
Alexander T. Brown
Ryan P. King  
Liam T. Smith
Susanne F. Petryna
Anne C. Theurkauf

Elisha P. Wilbur Mathematics Prize (Mathematics)
William R. Cogguillo
Sarah E. Early
Stephen R. Louie
Christal R. Schwenk
Ali M. Shtarbanov

Elisha P. Wilbur Scholarship Prize (Mathematics)
Ory S. Ball
Carly M. Garrison
Eric M. Goldstein
Geoffrey G. Groman
Angelica Halat
Anne M. Kerchberger
Andrew M. Krentz
Yan Liu
Gregory J. Mustillo
Lauren D. Silberman

Theodore B. Wood Prize (Mechanical Engineering)
Andrew J. Bassler


Story by Linda Harbrecht

Posted on Tuesday, April 03, 2012

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