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The recently launched Office of International Affairs Web site is clear evidence of Lehigh University’s steadfast commitment to its role in the international arena—serving both as a tool to connect Lehigh’s vast network of alumni and friends around the world to students, faculty and staff on-campus and as a medium for highlighting the global accomplishments of Lehigh’s growing international network.

With respect to the latter topic, we are particularly proud of the World Map feature on our Web site, which is a constantly evolving representation of the impact being made around the world by the members of Lehigh’s international family.

As such, we invite you to help us build a better picture of what the international Lehigh community is up to by e-mailing us at invpia@lehigh.edu where you live and what you are doing. And we encourage you to visit the World Map often to get the latest information on Lehigh’s international achievements.

Posted on Friday, May 14, 2010

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