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Lehigh offering new mobile safety app

Lehigh is offering members of the campus community the EmergenSee service, a free app for iPhone and Android phones that serves as a mobile, personal security system.

EmergenSee provides an extra layer of security and safety for individuals who may encounter danger as they travel alone, if they are in an unsafe area, or if they witness a crime or other dangerous situation, says Chief Ed Shupp of the Lehigh University Police Department.

“By just pressing the red EmergenSee button on their smart phone, any student, faculty or staff member will be connected directly to our dispatcher to alert the LUPD of the situation and communicate directly via text,” he said.

“The app can also capture video and audio information, as well as the user’s exact location. It can be used anywhere on campus and within a GeoFence perimeter that includes many of the surrounding neighborhoods where our students live.”

The new EmergenSee app joins a number of ongoing safety improvements, such as additional video surveillance and lighting in key locations, Shupp said. The app should also be seen as a companion to the LU-Alert system, which allows users to receive critical information from the university during emergencies.

The EmergenSee app goes one step further than LU-Alert, said Shupp, by enabling users to have immediate, direct contact with the LUPD and inform them of a personal emergency situation. Since EmergenSee also captures and stores important information in real-time, the information can also be helpful in criminal investigations.

Interim Lehigh President Kevin Clayton said EmergenSee represented a significant addition to the university’s range of tools utilized in emergency situations, which include the LU-Alert text messaging system, sirens, classroom announcements, emails and social media.

“As a former student and the parent of a recent Lehigh graduate,” said Clayton, “I know that a healthy and safe campus environment is fundamental to ensuring that each of us can continue to thrive here at Lehigh.We recognize the value of being prepared in the event of emergency circumstances.”

For more information and to download the app, visit www.lehigh.edu/emergensee.

Story by Linda Harbrecht

Posted on Friday, August 15, 2014

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