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Political scientist Ted Morgan is the author of numerous books on the political movements of the 1960s and how the media missed the message, and may have ultimately assisted in the demise, of these movements. Morgan thinks he sees history repeating itself in the case of Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower now leading the U.S. on an international chase worthy of a John le Carré novel.

Professor of International Relations Henri Barkey has been busy as both Turkey and Syria are topping global news. In this San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, Barkey points to the simple decision Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made that led to a youth revolt. "In a city where urban sprawl devours everything, some people decided to make a stand to prevent one of the two remaining green areas of central Istanbul from this fate."
Erdogan has sown seeds of opposition

In this op-ed for The National Interest, Barkey criticizes the Obama administration's halting approach to serious diplomatic efforts with Syria, its government and the rebellion.
Obama Flails on Syria

C.J. McCollum is leaving the Patriot League behind this week to become (maybe) the highest draft pick in Lehigh University (and Patriot League) history. This week, his draft stock rose even higher as media outlets announced his selection to the NBA Draft's coveted "Green Room," the camera-covered VIP area in which first-round locks "relax" with family and friends while their fate is decided. McCollum impressed more than NBA brass this week, however, landing an equally rare distinction: He authored Sports Illustrated magazine's final page, The Point After.  Ever the mature student-athlete, after his first payday he will forego the purchase of a fancy car, opting instead for a personal chef.

Bonus Coverage: ABC World News with Diane Sawyer named Bill Nye, the Science Guy, their "Person of the Week." Must have had something to do with his Lehigh Commencement speech, which begins and ends the segment.

Story by Jordan Reese

Posted on Monday, June 24, 2013

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