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Will Supreme Court End Affirmative Action for College Admissions?

Sometime next month, the Supreme Court will decide Fisher v. University of Texas, the first case concerning college affirmative action policies since Grutter v. Bollinger nine years ago. Lehigh business faculty George Nation and Matt Melone, professors of finance and law, co-authored a recent op-ed in The Morning Call on the legal issues and inherent contradictions that make affirmative action one of America’s true hot-button issues.

Citing America’s historic embrace of equality, but sometimes poor track record in practice, the piece outlines the current legal justification for factoring race into college admissions decisions and how the Court dealt with its most recent challenges.

Read the op-ed: Will Supreme Court end affirmative action for college admissions?

Story by Jordan Reese

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2013

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