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Logistics research center announces new associate director

Charalambos Marangos

Charalambos A. Marangos was recently named associate director of Lehigh University’s Center for Engineering Logistics and Distribution (CELDi), sponsored by the National Science Foundation. His appointment was announced by Lehigh CELDi site director Emory W. Zimmers, Jr. Marangos replaces former CELDi associate director Justin Rinker.

CELDi’s mission is to promote cooperation between industry and academia in the areas of distribution, transportation, information technology, manufacturing, maintenance and consulting. At Lehigh, a key focus of the center is to help companies use logistics and distribution systems to become more agile and productive. The center also seeks to utilize Lehigh’s experience in working with industry and the Lehigh Valley’s attractiveness to companies involved with logistics, distribution and manufacturing.

Marangos, who holds a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from Lehigh University, returned to the Lehigh Valley to join the CELDi team after a spending three years working in Europe on a variety of strategic business and technology consulting assignments. During his academic tenure at Lehigh, Marangos earned a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering as a Fulbright Scholar and was awarded a master's degree in Industrial Engineering, with an emphasis in Operations Research.

Marangos’ areas of professional specialization include optimization, scheduling, simulation, communications, factory layouts, testing and validation of new software and machines, and CAD/CAM.He is a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and Rotary International.

Lehigh’s CELDi is one of nine research centers of its kind in the United States that is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Other CELDi centers are located at the Universities of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisville, Florida and Nebraska, and also at Texas Tech University, Oklahoma State University and Clemson University.

Check the CELDi Web site for more information on the center's research areas, facilities, mission, partners, and more.

Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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