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Greg Farrington conducts the Marching 97.

Gregory Farrington's eight years as Lehigh University president have been a period marked by academic renaissance, community revitalization, campus improvements, and financial stability. As he prepares to officially step down as president and move into his new role as Distinguished University Service Professor, we asked six Lehigh leaders who have worked with him through the years to offer their perspectives on his legacy. In addition, we looked at how Farrington's own experiences traveling abroad have shaped his views on the importance of Lehigh's international presence. The picture that emerges is clear: Lehigh is a far better place today thanks to the time that Greg and Jean Farrington have been here.

The following links will take you to the essays and article that appeared in the special Greg Farrington tribute section:

Transforming Lehigh--By Ronald J. Ulrich '66, chairman emeritus of the Lehigh University board of trustees

Insisting on excellence--By Anne Meltzer, the Herbert J. and Ann L. Siegel Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Solving the puzzle--By John Callahan, the mayor of Bethlehem

A revitalized campus--By Cara Diorio '07, the incoming Student Senate president

An entrepreneurial spirit--By Karen Stuckey '75, a member of Lehigh's board of trustees since 1992

Knowing what matters--By Joe Sterrett '76, the first Murray H. Goodman Dean of Athletics

It's a global life--By Jack Croft, editor, Lehigh Alumni Bulletin

As a special online bonus, here is a link to some of the tributes and well-wishes regarding Gregory Farrington than we didn't have room to print in the Spring 2006 issue of the Alumni Bulletin.

Only the best: Part II

Lehigh Alumni Bulletin
Spring 2006

Posted on Monday, July 03, 2006

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