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Upcoming Lehigh Career Services Networking Events

Have you marked the dates on your calendar? The LUAA Career Networking Receptions are fast approaching. Events will be held in seven locations across the country and could be the turning point in your career! For dates and locations go to http://www.lehighalumni.com/go/cnr. One of the greatest strengths of a Lehigh education is the power of the alumni network. This is a phenomenal opportunity to network with fellow alumni and current students.

Why networking? No doubt, it is the single most important way to find a job. Career experts estimate that 80% of all positions are never advertised online and are filled through a personal referral or networking. Yet most of us rely on the internet as our single source of job hunting.

What’s OK and not OK to ask when I network? No one really teaches us what to say, everyone just suggests we network. Here are five easy steps to maximize your time with a viable contact:

1. Summarize your background.
2. Move to a description of the types of positions and industries that interest you and your geographical preferences. Give examples of specific companies that particularly interest you.
3. Ask questions. Prior to the conversation, make a list of questions so you can drive the conversation. Check out are Online Career Toolkit for sample questions. http://www3.lehigh.edu/alumni/career/resources.asp
4. Referrals. Once you’ve asked your questions, now move onto the important stuff – referrals! Everyone you network with needs to see a copy of your resume AND a copy of potential companies that interest you. E-mail this list before you speak to your contact. “Can we take a look at some of my ideal companies? Who might you know at these companies that would be helpful for me to speak to? Your goal – 1-2 referrals from each person you speak to.
5. Trade information. Always try to close your conversation by giving your contact a piece of useful information.

Now you know why networking is important and what to say. Don’t miss out. Hit the networking reception in your area. For more information, visit:

Posted on Sunday, November 06, 2005

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