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Selected Media Coverage: April 29, 2005

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Education Week (Circulation: 53,236)

Perry Zirkel, University Professor of Education and Law in the College of Education at Lehigh, provided commentary and opinion in a front-page article in the April 27 issue regarding a “frontal attack” on the President's No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). While Utah passes a bill, the National Education Administration files a law suit, with the state of Connecticut expected to do the same. “It seems like there’s this mounting movement against the law,” said Zirkel “Two years ago, I thought [the Bush administration] was getting away with implementation of the law, because lots of states were backing down, but now with what’s happening, I’m not sure.”
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Associated Press State & Local Wire
St. Paul Pioneer Press (Circulation: 189,459)
Philly.com (Circulation: 169,960)
Wilkes Barre Times Leader (Circulation: 49,806)
Beaver County Times (Circulation: 42,879)
Insurance Journal (Circulation: 42,814)
Observer-Reporter (Circulation: 37,424)
Centre Daily Times (Circulation: 25,969)
Student Study Backs Pa. Residents’ Claims of Development Effect on Flooding

Bruce Hargreaves, associate professor of earth and environmental science at Lehigh, and Joshua Galster, a doctoral candidate at Lehigh, were featured in an article about flooding of streams in eastern Pennsylvania. Galster says his examination of two small streams in eastern Pennsylvania appears to back up what inundated residents have long suspected: flooding along small creeks and streams is worsened when land is paved over. Galster watched the Little Lehigh and Sacony creeks in eastern Pennsylvania for months last year, taking measurements at certain points along each one during periods of significant rainfall. The streams are similar in almost every respect, but there is a lot more development along the Little Lehigh, which cuts through Allentown, than along the Sacony, which lies farther west in Berks County. Precipitation, climate and geology can all play a role in discharge, but Galster said his research has largely accounted for those factors — leaving development as a likely explanation for all that water. “If I had to say now, preliminarily, all those caveats, I would say the difference is development,” Galster said. “It seems that the difference in those two streams is caused by land use.” Hargreaves, one of Galster's advisers, said paved, or impervious, surfaces cause more runoff, which in turn contributes to stream discharge.
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Duluth News Tribune (Circulation: 45,688)
3M Workers Brace for Plant Closure

Mary Beth Deily, associate professor of economics at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about the recent decision to close 3M Co. in Stillwater, MN, and moving the plant to Mexico because of declining demand. The plant’s 200 employees were caught off guard. The workers had been logging extra hours since mid-2004, when mandatory overtime was built into the schedule. After the closing was announced March 31, workers were told the plant is building inventory to cover the transition while the operations are moved to a 3M plant in Juarez, Mexico. In recent weeks, dozens of temporary workers also have been hired. Deily, who has studied plant-closing decisions, said there are other obvious benefits of moving production to Mexico, regardless of demand. “Wages are part of it, for sure,” she added, noting that U.S. firms also continue to struggle with high health-care costs. If demand for a product is indeed dropping, companies “will usually close the highest-cost plant first. That's just the way it goes,” she said.
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Posted on Friday, April 29, 2005

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