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Selected Media Coverage: March 4, 2005

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College Students Examine Shuttle Debris
Arnold Marder, professor of materials science and engineering at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about his students examining debris from the space shuttle Columbia. When the space shuttle Columbia broke apart over Texas, it scattered 84,000 pieces of debris, and most of it has never been closely analyzed. Now, two years after the disaster that killed seven astronauts, Lehigh University students are getting a rare look at these unexamined parts -- and NASA hopes their findings might contribute to the design of a next-generation space vehicle. A shipment of 50 pieces, ranging from windshield to wing, arrived last week. Microscopy will reveal the “telltale signs of the mode of failure,” said Marder, who served as a consultant at Kennedy Space Center last spring. NASA's collaboration with Lehigh is part of a program, started last summer, under which pieces of the shuttle are being released to the aerospace industry for research. Students will present their findings to NASA officials in April. Students understand the seriousness of their task. “We feel like there's a responsibility not only to do a good job but to respect what happened on the flight,” said Iping Lam, 21. “Who knows what could have caused this? But we'll find out, I hope,” Marder said.
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Foreign Policy
Just Semantics

Jeff Heflin, assistant professor of computer science and engineering at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about semantic web. The next generation of search engine technology, known as the “semantic Web,” will be able to mine the Internet for answers to questions as technical as, “Which bilateral treaties govern the textile trade in Southeast Asia? It is an attempt to change the Web from a tool for browsing to a tool for actually finding things out,” says Heflin, who is helping develop the new technology. The semantic Web will work by attaching “smart tags” to information posted on the Net. The tags will help computers understand—rather than just recognize—billions of pages of data.
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Channel 39 TEMPO
Gary DeLeo, professor of physics at Lehigh, was interviewed on February 9 regarding the Cassini/Huygens space mission to Saturn and Titan. The interview aired on February 25.
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Sunday News (Lancaster) (Circulation: 102,339)
Los Angeles Daily Journal (Circulation: 24,000)
San Francisco Daily Journal (Circulation: 6,000)
Lancaster New Era (Circulation: 42,966)
Intelligencer Journal (Circulation: (45,400)
The Patriot News (Circulation: 103,372)
“Detectives” Differ Sharply in “Intelligent Design” Debate

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was quoted in another round of articles about intelligent design. On Tuesday, Elizabethtown College hosted an all-day forum in which metaphysically minded Holmes and Watsons, trailed by lawyers, debated the scientific, theological and legal dimensions of “intelligent design.” That theory, which holds that living organisms are too complex to have evolved without a guiding hand, was expounded upon by Behe. As scientists learn more about the molecular and cellular foundations of life, Behe said, they are often struck by how closely organisms like the bacterial flagellum resemble machines.
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Cleveland Plain Dealer (Circulation: 354,309)
The Columbus Dispatch (Circulation: 261,566)
Springfield News Sun (Circulation: 30,746)
The Express Times (Circulation: 50,522)
Lehigh Administrator Named President of Ohio University

Lehigh University administrator Mark H. Erickson has been chosen as president of Wittenberg University in Ohio. Erickson, vice president of administrative and government affairs at Lehigh, will begin his tenure at Wittenberg on July 1. In a statement Wednesday, Lehigh President Gregory C. Farrington said Erickson has been a “trusted and thoughtful leader” in all his capacities at Lehigh over the last 20 years including dean of students. “He is also someone I have considered a valued advisor and personal friend. Mark will be missed by his many friends and colleagues at Lehigh, but this opportunity is an outstanding one for him and much too good to miss. It is clear that Wittenberg has chosen wisely,” Farrington said.
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Posted on Friday, March 04, 2005

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