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Campus Building Update

Ever notice that something was missing at Lehigh? A central hang out and social hub? They tried first with the UC, and then with the Ulrich Center, but it never quite seemed to take. So the social scene is scattered between the dining halls, the dorms, the gym, even the libraries…

What else was missing at Lehigh? Late night food on campus! When those hunger pangs hit after 8 or 9 p.m., you can only pray that you have something eatable stashed in your room or call your favorite pizza or Chinese place. Maybe you got hungry at those hours because you were like Goldilocks with the dining options offered on campus during normal hours. Somehow, no matter what they tried, you found it to be the wrong price, selection, quality, quantity or menu!

Last, but not least, where on campus can you go as an alumnus and really see Lehigh pride displayed? Maybe in Taylor Gym, the Alumni Memorial Building, but very likely you might end up in the Tally Ho on this quest.

Combine late night food with Lehigh pride and you get… the new 24-hour DINER! And where better to put it than the ever-versatile Lamberton Hall – right in the middle of lower campus, close to a huge hungry population of dorm-dwellers who are too famished to make it but a few steps for their favorite grub.

The current plans for the renovation of Lamberton envision the preservation of the Great Room as huge space for student programming while locating the diner in the other half of the building. The diner area will be distributed across the first and second floor with a skylight and a connecting staircase in the middle of it. Check out the plans on the task force website if you want to know more: http://www.lehigh.edu/~insen/Diner/index.html

What’s cool is that almost everybody on campus is happy about this idea. Student Senate proposed it to a welcoming administration, and the university-wide task force for Alternative Social Options was born from it. Comprised of representatives from all major student organizations and key administration people, the task force selected the location, is working on the design with Lehigh’s architects, has been developing the menu and most recently has asked all students to vote on the name for the new diner.

Even better, though, is the Alternative Social Options task force’s goal to have student involvement with daily management. The targeted results? An affordable and complete menu with a variety of food options… and other students to complain to if something just doesn’t quite fit.

Will the diner become the central social hub of the campus? Only time can tell, but the new Lamberton will be ready for it. Be sure to check it out when you are on campus for the Young Alumni Reunion next year!

Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2005

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