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Selected Media Coverage: February 18, 2005

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Newswatch 50 (WWTI ABC)
WFMZ-TV Channel 69
Philadelphia Inquirer (Circulation: 368,883)
Miami Herald (Circulation: 306,943)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Circulation: 268,546)
Charlotte Observer (Circulation: 237,469)
Contra Costa Times (Circulation: 187,630)
Akron Beacon Journal (Circulation: 137,975)
The State (South Carolina) (Circulation: 117,000)
Fort Wayne News Sentinel
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Centre Daily Times
Ten Links (California)
Auto Spectator
Associated Press State & Local Wire
The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
The Express Times
Lehigh Gets $31 Million Tech Gift

Lehigh University announced earlier this week that it has received one of its largest gifts ever - $31 million worth of software, hardware and training - from an automotive and technology industry consortium. The Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education, whose members include General Motors Corp., Electronic Data Systems Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc., UGS Corp. and others, made the donation to Lehigh's interdisciplinary programs that combine engineering, design arts and business. Students in Lehigh's Integrated Product Development program will use the tools to do industrial projects, including some for GM, that bring together teams of business, engineering and design majors to get them thinking about all aspects of creating new products. Business students or engineers might consider only the cost or functionality, but not how to make a product that “wows” consumers with its good looks, said John Ochs, director of Lehigh's product development program. “We encourage wild and crazy ideas,” Ochs said.
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New York Times (Circulation: 1,133,763)
A Bridge Too Fat

Researchers at Lehigh University made a prototype of the proposed steel deck on the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. Over nine months, they simulated the effects of a truck passing over the deck 239 million times. That amounts to about 175 years of traffic, about a century longer than the 75-year minimum life span for the new, post-diet bridge. Over the decades, the 65-year-old suspension bridge has been bulked up to make it more stable. But now engineers have decided that it has grown too beefy.
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Arab News (Saudi Arabia)
Dar Al-Hekma to Tie Up With US University

Dar Al-Hekma Private Girls’ College will today sign a mutual cooperation agreement with Lehigh University for the college’s academic and scientific development. The agreement will be signed by the executive director of foreign relations for Lehigh University, Roland Yoshida, and the chairman of Dar Al-Hekma’s board of directors, Zuhair Fayez. This new agreement is another step forward for the college in its mission to prepare well-qualified Saudi women for the job market. The agreement between the two institutions is for five years during which the university and the college will cooperate on developing curriculum, exchanging expertise and information, conducting research and facilitating scholarships for students to complete post-graduate studies.
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Science News (Circulation: 158,894)
When Mountains Fizz

Dork Sahagian, professor of earth and environmental science at Lehigh, was mentioned in an article about what makes some volcanic eruptions so explosive. By looking for similarities among different models of volcanoes, Sahagian identified what geophysicists generally agree are the important factors influencing eruptions. Those parameters also form a volcanologist’s wish list of where future experimentation and analysis should be focused, he proposed at an AGE meeting in Montreal. Ironically, even though the amount of dissolved gases in magma is one of the most important factors in determining whether any particular eruption will be a Mount St. Helens-size boom or a Kilauean bust, scientists know little about how bubbles of gas form inside molten rock, Sahagian notes.
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Journal News (Circulation: 142,145)
Bush Proclaims Election a Success

Henri Barkey, chair of the international relations department at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about the recent Iraq vote. “They realize that the quickest way to get the United States out of Iraq is to create a new government,” said Barkey, former State Department policy planning staffer. “Not to vote would mean a continuation of the status quo. So the election is not a vindication of U.S. policy.” The high voter turnout, despite violent efforts by insurgents to quash it, appeared to validate, at least in the short term, his policy of spreading democracy first to Iraq and then, hopefully, throughout the Middle East — a gamble that Bush's presidential legacy may hinge upon.
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Pitch Weekly (Missouri) (Circulation: 100,000)
York Dispatch
The Battalion (Texas)
Profs Debate Design Theory

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was mentioned again in an article regarding the theory of intelligent design. As applied to biology, Behe said the design is not a mystical process, but is deduced from solid physical and empirical findings, whereas Darwin's theory of evolution appeared to have glaring holes. The heart of the intelligent design theory is what Behe termed “irreducible complexity,” or the idea that an object must be taken in its entirety to function. “If you are missing a part, it does not just work half well; it doesn't work at all,” he said.
for Pitch Weeklyst corner of Brodhead Avenue and University Drive, next to the ivy-covered Alumni Memorial Hall where Lehigh President Gregory Farrington's office is located. The project also includes plans to realign Brodhead Avenue to connect to University Drive, and the addition of walkways and courtyards.
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Posted on Friday, February 18, 2005

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