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Selected Media Coverage: May 31, 2005

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The Wall Street Journal (Circulation: 1,826,493)
Drug Firms Seek New Cash Sources

James Largay, professor of accounting at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about pharmaceutical companies hunting for cash as blockbuster drugs get harder to find. Many of them appear not to have noticed all the money they have tied up in working capital, the cash used to finance the business cycle from conversion of raw materials into products and through to sales. A company that reduces working capital at the same time it maintains the same level of sales will boost measures such as return on assets, another way of saying the company is increasing its value. Working capital is a balance-sheet concept, so reducing it by, say, $100 million won't translate into an equal increase in earnings. But any reduction in working capital should increase the flow of cash from operations. “The increased financial flexibility created when companies do away with excess working capital allows them to pursue investment opportunities that can raise the bottom line,” says Largay. “Reduced borrowing, greater dividend payments and stock buybacks are also possibilities.”
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Forbes (Circulation: 924,518)
KWQC-TV NBC (Davenport, IA)
KOLD-TV CBC (Tucson, AZ)
WEHT News 25 ABC (Henderson, KY)
WECT-TV NBC (Wilmington, NC)
KCAU-TV ABC (Sioux City, IA)
WSFA-TV NBC (Montgomery, AL)
WXIX Fox (Cincinnati, OH)
WLEX (Lexington, KY)
WTKR-TV CBC (Norfolk, VA)
Fox Carolina
KFVS-TV CBC (Cape Girardeau, MO)
WIVB-TV CBS (Buffalo, NY)
WSTM-TV NBC (Syracuse, NY)
Yahoo News
Advanced Financial Network
Lehigh among Winners of International Engineering Contest

Lehigh University was among seven teams from U.S. universities who received the Mondialogo Engineering Award on May 30. Each team received an award of approximately $18,000. Lehigh University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with Negnal Engineering College in India won with the project title: “Providing Arsenic-free water in remote villages in West Bengal, India.” The aim of Mondialogo is to encourage dialogue between young people around the world through the activities of the school and engineering contests and through the Internet portal. This cooperation is intended to develop understanding, tolerance and friendship between people with different cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds.
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Philadelphia Inquirer (Circulation: 318,912)
Evangelicals Divided Over Evolution

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was mentioned in another article about intelligent design. Behe, author of “Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution,” is an intelligent-design proponent and is scheduled to be one of the expert witnesses for the Dover school board when the case goes to trial in the fall. He says religion is “clearly why [intelligent design] evokes such emotion...People think it will support their religious views. It's not just another issue of science. If it were, no one would care.”
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Spero News
Islamic Brassmakers Topped European Peers

Manufacturers of brass astrolabes in 17th-century India were two centuries more advanced than their European peers, says a doctoral student at Lehigh University who just completed a four-year study of astrolabes. Brian Newbury, who earned a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering in May, said the high zinc content in astrolabes fabricated in Lahore (now in Pakistan) proves that brass made there in the early 1600s was produced by a co-melting technique that was not developed in Europe until the 19th century. Newbury presented his results at the British Museum in London in April, at Argonne on May 4, and at the Adler Planetarium on May 5. He has been advised in his Ph.D. studies by Michael Notis, professor of materials science and engineering at Lehigh and a world-renowned archaeometallurgist.
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CRM Today
Lehigh University Selects FootPrints

UniPress® Software Inc., a provider of web-based service desk automation software targeting the mid-market, announced that Lehigh University has selected FootPrints® to automate its campus-wide help desk operations. One of the most respected universities in the United States, Lehigh is using FootPrints to accelerate problem resolution and track and manage all types of service and support requests received from numerous departments. Since the deployment, the use of FootPrints has expanded to automate other business processes such as documenting departmental activities and generating reports. Addressing the need to automate its help desk operations which included replacing an existing system, Lehigh selected FootPrints because it was cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and web-based. Within a few days, the university installed FootPrints and was able to completely customize it to manage its existing campus-wide help desk processes. “We selected FootPrints for its competitive pricing, flexibility, and broad range of features, including the software’s web-based design,” explained Stacey Kimmel, Help Desk Manager at Lehigh. “While it worked ‘out-of-the-box,’ we customized the interface with a range of fields and drop-down menus to accommodate our multi-disciplinary organization of librarians, instructional technologists, and computing consultants.”
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Posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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