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For those of you who have been back to good 'ole South Mountain recently you may be wondering why everything is covered in a fine layer of dust. If you tried to park at the Alumni Memorial Building, you’re probably still circling looking for a spot. Perhaps you thought you were in Peoria, IL – with all the Caterpillar machinery on campus! If you’re feeling lost...or even if you hadn’t a clue anything is changing... here’s what’s going on at our alma mater...

In May, Lehigh kicked off what is expected to be the most complete (and dirtiest) construction project to date. All roads and the entrance to campus between Packer Chapel and Packard Lab are permanently closed and are becoming a pedestrian walkway. To compensate for the loss of vehicular traffic through campus, a connector is being built between Brodhead and University avenues (behind the President’s house). Every fraternity house will go through a restoration and improvement phase with enhancements from window coverings to furniture.
And that’s the simple stuff! The Linderman Library is closed (to reopen in January 2007) and is undergoing much-needed renovation, adding a small café in the basement and air conditioning throughout the building. Lamberton Hall is currently under renovation as well, with plans to welcome a 24-hour diner in Spring 2006. (No healthy eating here – think good ol’ comfort grease.)

But perhaps the most influential change on campus will be a new face to the "back" of the Alumni Memorial Building (facing Brodhead Ave.). Finally, prospective students and parents will not feel like they’re entering Lehigh through the back door! Alumni Memorial, along with the connection to University Ave., will be getting a new gateway into admissions and a dedicated parking garage.

So, if you haven’t been on campus in a while, skip the dust and mess and get back there for theYoung Alumni Reunion on October 14-15! By then several of the projects will be finished, and the rest will be well on their way – don’t worry, we’ll have the place dusted for your arrival.

Can’t wait until the Reunion? For a campus map and highlights on construction projects as they happen, check out http://www.lehighalumni.com/campus.

This article appeared in the July 2005 Young Alumni Newsletter.

Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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