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Ph.D. added in Learning Sciences and Technology

A new Ph.D. degree, Learning Sciences and Technology (LST), will engage all four colleges of the university in pursuit of ways to enhance knowledge regarding how learning occurs in diverse settings.

Classrooms aren’t the only place where learning happens anymore. It’s going on in corporate training rooms, in homes, in community facilities, and in online communities. People around the globe are exploring new educational collaborations, brought to them through new technologies.

The LST degree, the first new Ph.D. developed at Lehigh in a number of years, will enable individuals to understand and utilize technology that is helping to change education and to shape the tools that will make those changes more productive.

It consists of concentrations coming out of the university’s colleges. Educational Technology and Technology-Based Teacher Education are the first two. The College of Education’s doctoral students will collaborate closely with faculty to generate new theories and classification systems, authentic approaches to assessing learning, innovative curricula that make the most of promising technologies, and a wide range of creative methods of teaching and learning in a global world highly interconnected by technology.

LST research works to identify, describe, and apply what we know about learning from two distinctive but highly related perspectives: human and technological. It will examine how learning occurs in different settings, including traditional ones (like school classrooms and business training programs) and less-traditional ones (like online museums and other virtual worlds).

Studies continue to illuminate the concept that learning happens differently from person to person, based on one’s natural learning strengths, or learning style. And that style is also affected by the setting in which the learning occurs.

--Joanne C. Anderson

Posted on Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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