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‘Epitome’ of yearbooks continues winning streak

Continuing a streak of award-winning excellence, the staff of the Epitome, Lehigh University’s yearbook, was recently selected as the recipient of the Premier Print Award for its 2003 edition. The Epitome also won this prestigious award in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

The 2003 Epitome was selected for “outstanding achievement in production of school yearbooks” by Jostens, the graphic arts industry’s largest and most prestigious worldwide printing competition. The Lehigh yearbook was selected from among more than 5,500 entries from printing and graphic arts firms around the world.

The Epitome also consistently places first in the American Scholastic Press Association Yearbook Competition, according to Linda Lipko, publications coordinator for the yearbook in the university’s journalism department.

“The Epitome consistently receives awards because of the highly skilled, motivated, talented students who have a keen sense of what it takes to pull together a quality publication,” Lipko says.

Adds Diane Dymek, the assistant adviser who has served as assistant adviser to the yearbook for the past 10 years: "Many schools no longer publish a yearbook due to lack of student interest. Therefore, it's refreshing to observe students who devote many hours of time and put 100 percent effort into consistently producing an award-winning yearbook."

Thousands of hours well-spent

Lipko says that, in her 20-year history with the publication, she has supervised hundreds of students who have collectively put in thousands of hours of their time for neither academic credit nor pay.

“They deserve tremendous credit,” she says, singling out 2004 Epitome and Brown & White editor John Misinco for praise for his technical and organizational skills.

“John is a shining example of a student who is heavily involved in the academic atmosphere at Lehigh,” she says.

She also noted Yomaris Maldonado’04, last year’s photo editor, as a valuable member of the photo staff.

“Her excellent photos are displayed throughout the four yearbooks she helped to publish,” she says. “Assignments were always on time. She supervised a large staff of students and inspired them to give their best. And that was in addition to being a presidential scholar, a Tauck Scholar, vice president of the Global Union, a member of the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society, the International Club Secretary, a member of the Asian Cultural Society, the French Club, Lehigh University Student Senate, being involved in the Mustard and Cheese Society, the Marketing Club, Packer Church Choir, Japanese Culture Club, Society Hispanic Professional Engineers, the History Club, the Philosophy Club and the Genesis Gospel Choir.”

Maldonado continues the tradition of having a fifth-year presidential scholar serving as Epitome editor, which began in 2000 when civil engineering/architecture major Andrew Hartman took over in the position.

“Andrew produced a book that focused on details throughout the campus,” says Lipko. “Aided by the technical skill of Nick Cappadona ’03 -- who was an integral part of the leadership team for the entire five years he was at Lehigh – the book highlighted some of the more obscure places on campus, such as intricate carvings on the doors and fireplace of Linderman library, the quiet places where students find to study, the beauty of the stained glass windows in Packer Chapel and the lights that shed a glow on the walkways at night.”

The award-winning 2001 Epitome, under the leadership of Kristen Tedesco ‘99 and Allison Mack ‘01, was distinguished by a unique ultra-violet process for the cover and beginning sections of the book.

“This stunning book included a tip in section in the athletics section and included a wonderful two-page photo called ‘bald and beautiful’ that highlighted the swim team members, some of whom were women who had shaved their heads to celebrate their win,” says Lipko. “I remember Kristen spending many hours during the summer, after her graduation, to finish the book. We are in her debt and appreciated the extra care she gave to the process.”

A synergy of talent and effort

The 2002 Epitome, under the editorship of Jennifer O'Connell ‘02, focused on the history of Lehigh, and featured a sepia duo tone process to simulate historic photographs.

The theme of the 2003 Epitome was "What it Takes,” which highlighted the components of life as a student, an undergraduate, a senior, an athlete, a scholar, a club member, or a volunteer.

The 2004 Epitome, with the theme of "Perceptions," included many photos of the diversified population at Lehigh and included in-depth interviews of professors and students.

The current 2005 Epitome staff includes IBE/materials science and engineering major and four-year Epitome veteran Olga Stewart ‘05, who will return to Lehigh next year as a member of the fifth-year program. Engineering major John Aliquo ‘05, who has been involved with the Epitome for the past three years, will act as co-editor.

Although Aliquo is a member of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society, Phi Beta Kappa, and the Pi Tau Sigma mechanical engineering honor society, the majority of his extra-curricular time is devoted to the Epitome. He says he is motivated to remain involved to “create a book of memories that will likely be most seniors' only way to look back upon and remember their time at Lehigh.

“There's really nothing like seeing all of the pages that so many of us create come together to form the final book,” he continues. ”It's a true synergy of talent and effort that everyone on the staff provides that allows our book to be so successful every year.”

--Linda Harbrecht

Posted on Friday, April 08, 2005

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