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Selected Media Coverage: January 28, 2005

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

CBS Radio Network
Christian Science Monitor (Circulation: 75,639)
The Bible in Class: Is It Ever Legal?

Perry Zirkel, professor of education and law in the College of Education at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about the bible being brought into public schools. Courts often rely on the so-called “Lemon” test to decide matters of religion in the schools, Zirkel said. Named for a 1971 decision, Lemon v. Kurtzman, the test involves a three-pronged guideline: whether the activity has a religious purpose, whether it has an effect that promotes or inhibits religion, and whether it encourages "excessive entanglement" between public and religious institutions. Later this spring, for instance, the Supreme Court will consider whether public schools can post the Ten Commandments - a decision that could hinge, in the end, on whether the effect of the display is deemed to be religious. Still, even court rulings that use the Lemon test as a guide are frequently inconsistent, says Zirkel. “Judges, like the rest of us when you take an emotional issue like religion, often decide based on their heart and then use things to justify it,” he says. “The two toughest issues in school litigation are religion and race, and it's almost impossible to be truly rational about either one given how we're brought up in society.”
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Forbes (Circulation: 925,297)
Yahoo Finance
Advanced Financial Network
Vocus Public Relations Software Makes the Grade at Lehigh University

Dina Silver, APR, Lehigh University’s director of university communications, was quoted in an article regarding the use of an on-demand software called Vocus for public relations and government relations. “Vocus will replace a variety of products that weren't designed to work together and are therefore inefficient,” said Silver. “We now have one integrated product that helps us manage our media relations, generate publicity, and monitor and analyze our media coverage.” Consistently ranked as one of the best private universities in the United States, Lehigh serves a student body of 6,500 by combining the power of a leading research university with the personal approach of a smaller college.
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Dallas Morning News (Circulation: 596,616)
Cincinnati Enquirer (Circulation: 218,514)
The Daily Citizen (Searcy, AR)
Florida Baptist Witness

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was mentioned in a question-and-answer analysis prepared by Rob Crowther of the Center for Science and Culture at the Seattle-based Discovery Institute. The question was: Are there established scholars in the scientific community who support intelligent design theory? Yes. Intelligent design theory is supported by doctoral scientists, researchers and theorists at a number of universities, colleges and research institutes around the world. These scholars include biochemist Michael Behe at Lehigh University, microbiologist Scott Minnich at the University of Idaho, and biologist Paul Chien at the University of San Francisco, among others.
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Philadelphia Inquirer (Circulation: 368,883)
A Plan to My Brethren: Don’t Sell Out Our Profession

Jack Lule, professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about journalists who accept fees to promote issues. “There are many gray areas in journalism, but this is not one of them,” Lule said. “You can't take money or do work for anybody you report on, and that should be very clear--very black and white."
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The Express Times
ABC Sexes Up The Stay-At-Home Wife

Dawn Keetley, assistant professor of English at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about television programs that demonstrate how stay-at-home wives were portrayed from 1970s up until the present. It was the bonding among the women in “Sex and the City” that made that show stand out to some observers. “Before then, women on TV shows were younger, older professional women or married women,” says Keetley, who also teaches courses on women's studies and popular culture courses. “‘Sex and the City’ was the first show to have women in their 30s and 40s who weren't married and who had careers that were important to them.” Critics of ABC's wildly successful “Desperate Housewives” say the show displays immoral suburban women motivated by infidelity, dark secrets and money-grappling. In a sidebar in the story, Elizabeth Dolan, assistant professor of English at Lehigh, was also quoted. “Being a wife turns into a kind of mommy role,” says Dolan, who teaches English, gender studies and feminist theory. “The mother role takes over the primary relationship in the household and the tension is primarily on how to manage the man to preserve the family.”
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The Express Times
Organization Giving the Taxed a Break

Volunteers from Lehigh University were mentioned in an article about the nonprofit Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley, which is launching its second year of free tax preparation. The program's 61 IRS-trained volunteers come from Lehigh University, Muhlenberg College and Lafayette College. Some volunteers are bilingual and can help Spanish-speaking people.
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**Athletics in the News

Lehigh Valley Magazine
Gold or No Gold – These Athletes Shine

Kerry McCoy, assistant wrestling coach at Lehigh, was featured as one of the athletes from the Lehigh Valley who participated in the 2004 summer Olympics. Greg Strobel, head wrestling coach at Lehigh, coached McCoy for Athens and Sydney. He recalls, “The first time I saw Kerry wrestle was at a tournament in New Jersey, and he made a mistake and lost a match he probably could have won. I can remember seeing the anger, questioning himself why he did it that way. And I thought, ‘He’s probably not going to lose very many times.’” McCoy enjoys his volunteer status as a Lehigh coach; it offers him some flexibility. He also values giving back, as the community has supported him, sponsoring a fundraiser that helped send his family to Athens. Officially retired since the Olympics, McCoy plans to continue coaching at Lehigh and the LVAC, at least for the time being.
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**Alumni in the News

Mysan.de (Pressemitteilung), Germany

Robert Ferguson, who has a BS in Economics and Finance from Lehigh University, has been named Chief Financial Officer of Reliant Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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**News of Interest

The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Callahan Vows to Invest in Bethlehem Neighborhoods

Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan’s highlights over the past year included Lehigh University and the city’s designation as the state's first Keystone Innovation Zone, an initiative that will help the city secure grants and the state to help bring in more businesses that will partner with the university.
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Posted on Friday, January 28, 2005

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