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Selected Media Coverage: June 3, 2005

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A Few Wrinkles, A Lot of Games

Sally White, dean and professor, College of Education, was quoted in an article about the "Senior Games" on how senior-citizen athletes stay motivated to compete at a time in their lives when most others start to slow down. "Many of these athletes are baby boomers who have been pushed to succeed," said White, also sports psychologist. "They were raised in a family where the parents said, 'Did you win?'" she said.
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Red String Gives You Wings

Chava Weissler, professor of religion studies at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about Kabbalah Energy Drink. The makers say the drink is infused with water blessed by a rabbi and contains amino acids and vitamins. But aside from the name and the rabbi-blessed water, it’s unclear what this beverage has to do with Kabbalah or beliefs dating back to the origin of the Torah. Weissler doesn’t attribute any of the drink’s energy boost to Kabbalah. "I would not think there would be any actual spiritual benefit to drinking this," Weissler said. "The true teachings of Kabbalah have nothing to do with energy drinks."
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Public Relations Strategist
China’s Economic Boom Brings a PR Explosion

Carole Gorney, professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh, wrote an article on the recent public relations explosion in China. "At the end of last year, the total number of PR firms across the Chinese mainland exceeded 1,500, with the total number of PR practitioners topping 15,000," Gorney wrote. "Those numbers are expected to grow now that China has joined the World Trade Organization and foreigners are allowed to establish solely foreign-owned PR firms."
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Lehigh University Moves Building

The relocation of the Sayre Observatory is part of a 14 million dollar campus enhancement program. The Sayre Observatory was one of the first buildings on the Lehigh campus. Inch by inch on a road made specifically for this journey, the observatory will move to its new destination as a conference center.
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Financial Executives Research Foundation Issues Study of Internal Controls Reporting

Parveen Gupta, associate professor of accounting at Lehigh, was mentioned in an article about reporting on a company’s system of internal controls. Only 28 percent of companies were proactive in bringing the reported control deficiencies to the attention of their external auditors and the audit committee, according to the report, "Control Deficiency Reporting," by Gupta and Tim Leech, principal consultant and chief methodology officer of Paisley Consulting.
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Posted on Friday, June 03, 2005

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