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Selected Media Coverage: February 11, 2005

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

USA Today (Circulation: 2,602,556)
Christian Science Monitor (Circulation: 75,639)
Nanotech Shows Promise for Cheaper Superfund Cleanup

Wei-xian Zhang, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Lehigh, was quoted in an article regarding Superfund sites in the U.S. Over the next 30 years, the U.S. may have to clean up as many as 350,000 Superfund sites at a cost of up to $250 billion, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. At least four teams of researchers are using “nanoparticles” to attack some of the most vexing underground pollutants, including chromium-6, the groundwater pollutant made famous in the movie “Erin Brockovich.” If these nanotechnologies prove successful, they could reduce cleanup costs at selected Superfund sites by 75%, researchers suggest, perhaps saving billions of dollars. Iron's contaminant-removal power arises from the fact that it rusts. “When it does so in the presence of groundwater contaminants, it can convert them into less toxic or nontoxic materials,” says Zhang.
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Philadelphia Inquirer (Circulation: 368,883)
Now on Cable: Dating

Robert E. Rosenwein, professor of sociology and anthropology at Lehigh, was quoted in an article regarding a program called Dating on Demand. The stars of an early hit in the nascent world of video-on-demand are 150 single people from the Philadelphia area. And they're all looking for dates. The program is called Dating on Demand, and while it doesn't really provide dates on demand, it is a new wrinkle to the Internet dating phenomenon, which lately has shown signs of leveling off after a long boom. The fact that the personals are on video brings a dimension to the service that ought to have lots of novelty power, said Rosenwein, who has studied online dating. Plus, he said, video adds credibility. “What you do see in a tape is more of the nonverbal stuff,” he said. “Most people feel your nonverbal communications don't lie. And they're right. Only people with special skills can do it. Actors can do it. Sociopaths can do it.”
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Fort Worth Star Telegram (Texas) (Circulation: 268,546)
Charlotte Observer (North Carolina) (Circulation: 237,469)
The State (South Carolina) (Circulation: 117,000)
Macon Telegraph (Georgia) (Circulation: 71,376)
Duluth News Tribune (Minnesota)
Bradenton Herald (Florida)
Kansas.com (Kansas)
Aberdeen American News (South Dakota)
Centre Daily Times (Pennsylvania)
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Georgia)
Tallahassee.com (Florida)
Myrtle Beach Sun News (South Carolina)
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Biloxi Sun Herald (Mississippi)

Sally A. White, professor and dean of the College of Education at Lehigh, provided commentary about what effect the Eagles playing in the Super Bowl would have on residents of Philadelphia. The article appeared in numerous dailies across the nation.
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Xinhua (China)
Honolulu Advertiser (Circulation: 143,983)
Hawaii Cricket World’s Fastest-Evolving Invertebrate

Evolutionary biologists at Lehigh and the University of Maryland have identified a cricket living in the forests of Hawaii as the world’s fastest-evolving invertebrate. Tamra Mendelson, assistant professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, and Kerry Shaw of the University of Maryland wrote in Nature magazine on Jan. 27 that the laupala cricket spawns at least 4.17 new species every 1 million years – a rate more than 10 times faster than the average rate of speciation for invertebrates. The speedy speciation appears to be driven mainly by the crickets’ mating behavior, the scientists say, and it suggests that the individual choices involved in mating behavior play an important role in the evolution of species and the increase in biodiversity.
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Hopewell Valley News
Songs of Romance

Princeton Singers, directed by Steven Samtz, will perform its second annual Valentine's concert Feb. 12. If we celebrated Valentine's Day accurately '...we would be singing about a massacre,' says composer Sametz with a laugh. The Princeton Singers group was founded in the English cathedral tradition by John Bertalot in 1983, with Dr. Sametz taking the reins in 1998. The acclaimed composer and conductor, who also is the director of Lehigh University Choral Arts in Bethlehem, Pa., expanded the group's repertoire to include an adventurous range of choral music.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
The Express Times
Centre Daily Times
Iraqi Ambassador to U.N. Delivers Message of Optimism

Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations expressed optimism at the Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University in Bethlehem on Thursday about the chances that Iraq's newly elected Shiite leaders will respect the rights of minorities. Samir Sumaidaie, who served as Iraq's minister of the interior and on its governing council in the wake of the United States' 2003 invasion, said the United Iraqi Alliance, the Shiite coalition on the verge of capturing a majority of seats in the national assembly, should be open to the needs of women and Sunnis, who are a religious minority in the country. Sumaidaie, who spoke as part of Lehigh's U.N. Ambassadorial Speaker Series, said the United States' role in Iraq should be judged not by what occured in the invasion's immediate aftermath, but by the events that unfold in subsequent decades. After Sumaidaie finished his remarks, several Lehigh students said that despite their original misgivings about the U.S. occupation of Iraq, they were open to Sumaidaie's optimistic perceptions. Katie McCleary, a graduate student who works as a study-abroad advisor for the university, said she was particularly moved by Sumaidaie's representation of ordinary Iraqis as having more hope in the future of their country. “If all that he said is true,” McCleary said, “then my perception of the situation in Iraq will change in the coming years.”
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**Alumni in the News

Mysan.de (Pressemitteilung), Germany

Charles Kubic, P.E., who received B.S. and M.S. degrees in civil engineering from Lehigh University, was recently hired as President of ECC International, LLC and a member of ECC’s Board of Directors. ECC is a leading engineering, construction, environmental, and munitions response firm with offices worldwide. ECC is a contracted partner to a variety of government agencies, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Air Force, and US Navy.
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**News of Interest

The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Broughal Middle School Prospect: Home

Posted on Friday, February 11, 2005

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