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Selected Media Coverage: February 22, 2005

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

World Views of Science

Sharon Friedman, professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh, was a guest on Talk of the Nation on February 18 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington. The subject of the talk was Analysis: Public Understanding of Science. Host Ira Flatow asked Friedman if it’s a bad thing that Americans are getting their news from television. Friedman said, “It’s disturbing, because what the television can do for you, let’s say, on newscasts, is give you a headline and a few sentences; therefore, you don’t get any depth. You don’t get any context. You don’t get the facts that you really need as a reader to understand the science, particularly if you’re dealing with a controversy, such as genetically modified foods or nanotechnology or some of these other risk issues. That’s a significant problem.”
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New York Times (Circulation: 1,133,763)
Tiny Is Beautiful: Translating “Nano” Into Practical

Weixian Zhang, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about nanoparticles. There are fantastical future possibilities of nanoparticles, like rampaging nanorobots, but nanoparticles of various sorts are also already found in products like sunscreen, paint and inkjet paper. Zhang has begun studying the use of nanoparticles of iron for environmental cleanup. Zhang said one pound of nanoparticles could cleanse 10,000 to 30,000 pounds of water. “I am fairly confident that it will have no impact," he said. "Most of the particles will attach to soil, slowly oxidize and become part of the background.” Still, he said experiments were needed to document that supposition before the iron nanoparticles went into wide use.
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Dubai Interact, United Arab Emirates
e-Learning Key to HR Development

Ron Yoshida, vice-president of external relations and campus life at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about the E-ducation Without Borders 2005 conference. Yoshida said elimination of barriers of time and place through technology has given rise to optimism about individuals transcending parochial perspectives and becoming knowledgeable and responsible global citizens. As a step towards advancing cross-cultural understanding between disciplines and nations, Lehigh University, he noted, has launched a Global Citizenship Programme by applying new uses of technology to connect students to distant countries and develop sustainable approaches to interdisciplinary study through faculty development. “The result is a programme that is transcending the boundaries of the mind and heart, both traditional and unexpected.”
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Philadelphia Inquirer (Circulation: 368,883)
Communities of Faith Care about Environment

Researchers at Lehigh University and Pennsylvania State University were mentioned in an article about Clear Skies, a mandatory program that would dramatically reduce power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and mercury by setting a national cap on each pollutant. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has found that 9 percent of women of child-bearing age now carry mercury concentrations at levels that put fetuses at risk of neurological damage. Clear Skies would delay and weaken reductions in mercury emissions mandated by the Clean Air Act, exposing more unborn babies to mercury poisoning. Researchers at Lehigh University and Pennsylvania State University report die-offs and declines in Pennsylvania fish populations and forests due to acidification.
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Guardian Unlimited (The Observer)
Free Internet Press
The Mole, the US Media and a White House Coup

Jack Lule, professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about Jeff Gannon, who worked for an obscure news agency called Talon News and wrote under a false name and worked for a Republican front organization. The American media is now being forced to confront the possibility that Gannon, whose real name is James Guckert, was simply a Republican plant, used by officials to ask easy questions in difficult press conferences. “The idea of having a mole in the White House press corp is amazing, but that's what it looks like,” said Lule.
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People’s Weekly World
A New Opportunity to End the Occupation

Henri Barkey, chair of the international relations department at Lehigh, was quoted in an editorial about the Iraq elections. They turned out in large numbers, braving violence and death, because they saw the January 30 balloting as their way of fighting to end the occupation. “They realize that the quickest way to get the United States out of Iraq is to create a new government,” said Barkey. “Not to vote would mean a continuation of the status quo. So the election is not a vindication of U.S. policy.”
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Funding Would Vary Yearly; Some Would See Tax Hike Under Act 72

George White, professor of education and human services at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about the March 1 deadline for homeowners to sign up for property tax reductions. “The people expected to be the biggest winners won't necessarily be the biggest winners and the people expected to be the biggest losers won't necessarily be the biggest losers,” said White. “That's what makes property tax reform so complicated.”
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The Morning Call (Saturday Circulation: 126,470)
Many Might Not Get Slots Tax Relief

George White was also quoted in an article about Act 72, the law that legalized slot machines and provides for some gambling revenues to be used for property tax reductions but required districts to agree to a number of regulations in order for its residents to receive real estate tax rebates. White says that in the long term, some districts may do better with a personal income tax where they would receive revenue from renters, unlike a property tax, and seniors, unlike an earned income tax. And because incomes tend to increase faster than property tax rates, district revenues may grow at a faster rate.
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**Athletics in the News

Newsday (Circulation: 579,351)
Wrestling Champ is the Real McCoy

Five-time U.S. wrestling champion (2000-04) and two-time U.S. Olympic team member (2000, 2004) Kerry McCoy, an assistant wrestling coach at Lehigh, visited the students at Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School and Valley Stream Central High School. After showing his career highlight video, “The Real McCoy,” he spoke about the importance of good character. “When I made the Olympic team in 2000, the most important thing to me initially was winning a gold medal,” McCoy said. “But the goal is to get the most out of yourself, not to win. I only understood that when I went to the Opening Ceremonies and saw all the athletes from around the world.” (Scroll down)
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**News of Interest

Patriot-News (Circulation: 103,372)
Team Up To Get In Shape

Lehigh University was mentioned in an article as being one of the clients who participate in Shape Up Pennsylvania, a program to encourage daily exercise. The program uses a team concept to provide support and motivation for lifestyle changes. Teams are organized at work, where most adults spend about half of their waking hours, with the idea that healthy habits might become the norm at work and at home.
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Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal
Toni Lee Febbo, benefits and compensation manager at Lehigh University, was recently elected to the board of directors for the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Business Briefing: Feb. 21
Ben Franklin Incubator Cited in National Guide

The Ben Franklin Business Incubator, run by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, was cited multiple times in the newly released publication Business Incubation, a National Business Incubation Association guidebook. Established just months after Ben Franklin of Northeastern Pennsylvania in 1983, the business incubator has graduated 33 successful companies, grossing more than $348 million in annual revenue and creating more than 2,460 jobs.
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Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2005

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