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Quantum leap for Quantum Dots

A research group led by Boon S. Ooi, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been featured in one of the top semiconductor magazines for its work with the modeling of semiconductor quantum dots.

The work by Ooi's group was described in an article titled "Three dimensional semiconductor quantum-dot model" that was published in the June-July issue of "III-Vs Review: The Advanced Semiconductor Magazine."

A quantum dot is a region in a semiconductor crystal that confines electrons or electron-hole pairs in a three-dimensional region measuring nanometers in size. Quantum dots are valued for their potential optical applications and information processing.

"III-Vs Review," an internationally circulated journal, credited Ooi and his colleagues with developing a simple and novel approach for modeling quantum dots and their high temperature interdiffusion effects in 3-D.

The new model, said the article, will enable scientists "to predict the process temperature that can be tolerated by quantum dots during... post-growth processing to increase the manufacturing yield."

The thermal instability of quantum dots, said the article, can cause significant alteration to their electronic and optical properties during post-growth processes. The model developed by Ooi's group is the first universal 3-D model for interdiffused quantum dots. It "gives a natural representation of a large array of dots and can be universally applied to all types and shapes of quantum nanostructures," the article said.

Ooi's group published an article about their work in the May 2005 issue of "Physical Review B." The group includes Oki Gunawan, a former graduate student of Ooi's who is now pursuing a Ph.D. at Princeton, and Hery S. Djie, a research scientist at Lehigh.

In an unrelated matter, Ooi and his research colleagues at Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. have filed a joint patent application for the development of broadband emitters for sensor and bio-imaging applications.

Ooi, a faculty member with Lehigh's Center for Optical Technologies, has been working with Carl Zeiss Meditec, a German-based international maker of eye ophthalmology systems, to develop a semiconductor light source that would increase the sensitivity and resolution of the system.

Posted on Thursday, September 01, 2005

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