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A Reunion to remember

I was looking forward to writing the opening line of this month’s e-newsletter by stating, “The dust has settled upon the completion of yet another successful Lehigh Reunion weekend”…. but that would not be true. Yes, a very successful Reunion is behind us and I will elaborate on this in greater detail. As many of you know, however, the dust will not settle for several months! In the wake of Reunion come the major construction projects on the Lehigh campus that we have been promised (threatened, warned … choose your own word here) about for some time now. It is just so in your face real that it is difficult to comprehend without seeing it firsthand.

In a recent article, I referenced Boston’s “Big Dig” as a fair comparison to the extent of the work that is being done on campus. I am calling our version the “Big Dig II,” with the only real difference being ours will be completed on time and under budget! If you haven’t been back to see it you should come take a look … it is really quite amazing. It seems like every backhoe and bulldozer in the Lehigh Valley is currently on our campus!

A backhoe has taken up residence in the center of the T-road near Packer Memorial Church.

The final product of all this activity will be an even more glorious campus than we had before. It is hard to imagine a prettier Lehigh campus, I know, but this is for real. If you can’t get back to campus you can check out the projects, view construction photos, and participate in an ongoing “Blog” discussion by visiting our campus construction Web site. Take a peak, read the updates, view the pictures, and—PLEASE—share your thoughts via the Blog. We want to hear what you think and answer any questions you may have.

Dust or no dust … we still were able to have a great Reunion weekend. A little rain hampered us on Friday evening, but by Saturday late morning we had just a beautiful day for many of our outdoor Reunion events. Alumni came back in record numbers and the Lehigh campus was abuzz with activity from the 15th Reunion Class (1990) all the way up to the 70th Reunion Class (1935) and every anniversary year in between.

The two major Reunion classes (the 50th year class, 1955, and the 25th year class, 1980) did not disappoint. Both classes had a huge turnout of alumni and—in fine Lehigh fashion—celebrated their 50th and 25th Reunions the ENTIRE weekend! They started the festivities on Thursday night … continued all day on Friday … all night on Friday … all day again on Saturday … and all night again Saturday!!!

Finn Wentworth '80, right, plays dueling saxophone with comedian Joe Piscopo at this year's Reunion.

The highlight of the weekend for me was at the Class of 1980 Saturday post-dinner reception where I witnessed Joe Piscopo (of Saturday Night Live fame) “duet” with Lehigh’s own Finn Wentworth ’80 on the saxophone. It was quite a sight! I am fairly certain that if Finn finds out about this photo posted on the Lehigh Web site, I am in BIG trouble (so everyone who knows Finn please forward this along so he knows how many people saw him!!!).

It really was a great event. If you haven’t been back for a class Reunion yet, you should really consider making the trip. Seeing old friends and talking about your “glory days” is worth the trip back to Lehigh.

For more details about the Reunion weekend, including a list of all attendees, please visit our Web site.

My best wishes to everyone for a safe and enjoyable summer. We’ll be back again in July with your next update on life at Lehigh.

Chris Marshall ‘88
Alumni Director

Lehigh Alumni Connection
June 2005

Posted on Monday, June 13, 2005

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