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Selected Media Coverage: April 26, 2005

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College Food Changes

The cafeteria chefs at Lehigh University are cooking up a storm. And the meals are a far cry from the so-called ‘mystery meat’ you may remember. The nutritious spread is part of “balance mind, body, and soul,” a nationwide wellness program aimed at turning students onto healthy eating and away from fad diets. Sodexho USA, a major food service provider, launched the program last fall. What Lehigh is trying to do with the program is really energize, inspire, and educate people about the positives of food. First year student Stephanie Berger likes the menu. “I'm kind of used to this nice salad bar and the vegan and vegetarian entrees that they have,” she said. The recipes, six thousand of them, are created by a team of dietitians, using guidelines from the likes of the American Heart Association and the National Cancer Institute. The program really spells it out for students—what foods are available as far as vegetarian, vegan, carb-friendly, well-balanced. The program also offers students tips on how to eat healthier on the fly, deal with stress and improve concentration. They can log onto the program's interactive website to ask a dietitian questions on diet and exercise.
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Manage Your Inventory Better

Sam Weaver, professor of practice of finance and law at Lehigh, was quoted in the April/May 2005 issue of Source Magazine on how managing inventory is vital to the bottom line, no matter what business you’re in. “As convenience stores expand their offerings, they first need to be sure that those offerings actually are products that their customers are interested in and that they are getting an appropriate rate of return per-square foot,” said Weaver. “This is similar to the decisions made by any retailer, but it is even more important because of the limited space a convenience store has coupled with its specific customer needs.” As far as entering contracts with caution, Weaver also said that before making a commitment, consumers should look at the net price, including transportation costs, quantity purchase requirements, credit terms and stock availability, among other aspects.
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Me and Him

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was mentioned in an article on the relationship between science and God. “Michael J. Behe, a leading proponent of the theory of intelligent design, writes that ID is not a religion-based idea. Nevertheless, religious conservatives use it to advance their belief that Genesis, not Darwin, explains the origin of life, while secular liberals fear that ID is just another tactic of religious zealots to get their agenda in the classroom.”
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Dover Hosts Speaker on Evolution

Michael Behe was also quoted in an article about speaking at Dover Area High School on April 23. Behe made five points on why intelligent design — the concept that life is too complex to have been evolved solely through natural selection and must have been created by an intelligent designer — is a better explanation for the biological world’s existence. The Dover district is believed to be the first public school district in the country to require that intelligent design be mentioned in a science class. Ninth-grade biology students heard a statement about the concept during a class period in January. The Rev. Chad Rimmer of Union Lutheran Church in York asked Behe if he really believed that high-school biology was the best place to introduce young people to intelligent design. Behe said yes, because there is more evidence for a designer than for evolution. He also said the controversial nature of intelligent design would stimulate students into a discussion they would find interesting.
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Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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