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Strengthening the ties that bind

Since talking to you all last, the tragedy in the Indian Ocean unfolded. Although at times we feel like we’ve been bombarded with words of sentiment when something like this happens, when so many thousands have died, lost their homes, family members, jobs, places of worship, and dreams for the future, it bears mentioning again … and again.

Join me in taking a moment to once again reflect on the blessings in our lives and to send out a thought or prayer to those who are struggling moment by moment to survive and rebuild their communities.

We know just how vital community is. It’s the core mission and purpose of our efforts here in the Lehigh University Alumni Association. Daily, we seek to identify ways to not only sustain, but grow our Lehigh community. Great value is placed on each of you, your history here, gifts, talents, and continued partnership. To keep our community strong, we provide opportunities to be together in person and in spirit. If you haven’t done so lately, take a look at the alumni events calendar and get involved where you can.

Your participation has a direct and meaningful influence in securing a solid future for the Lehigh community. Whether you contribute your time, your talents, or your dollars, what makes it all work is you. No contribution is too small. Taking the time to volunteer or contribute at any level is what defines us as engaged members of our alumni community.

As I wish you the happiest of new years, let me recommit to making 2005 as powerful and progressive a year serving the Lehigh alumni community as those gone by. I am asking you to be by my side as we continue to live and share the Lehigh story and to be part of the Lehigh family!

Chris Marshall ‘88
Alumni Director

Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2005

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