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Selected Media Coverage: March 8, 2005

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

Newsweek (Circulation: 3,248,097)
The Real Crisis in Putin’s Russia

Rajan Menon, professor of international relations at Lehigh, wrote an article on problems in Russia today. “Most people have a ready answer: President Vladimir Putin's strangulation of democracy. Yes, but there's a bigger one. That's whether Russia is stable enough to hold together,” Menon wrote. “Few Russia watchers would suggest the country is on the verge of disintegration. Yet it could be. Certainly, its present boundaries are likely to be altered….It's the sort of place few outside the Kremlin pay much attention to. But we should, for it's not just war-torn Chechnya that's spinning out of control. It's the entire region, where a combustible synergy of terrorism, poverty, ethnic tensions, pervasive crime, corruption and radical Islam has left Moscow reeling.”
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Independent Online (South Africa)
Crossmap Christian News (CA)
Hindustan Times (India)
Cape Times (South Africa)
Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)
ABC Science Online (Australia)
Designerz.com (GA)
Aljazeera.net (Qatar)
Times of Oman (Oman)
Turkish Press
ABC Online (Australia)
Age-Old Scientific Debate Takes on New Angle

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was quoted once again about his theory of intelligent design. “Science doesn't progress by ignoring something that is staring you in the face,” says Behe, an intelligent design advocate. Essentially, intelligent design holds that certain structures found in living things, such as the flagella of bacteria or extra wings on certain fruit flies, cannot be explained by Darwinian concepts of natural selection and random variation. Behe argues that the complexity of the flagella and various “machines” inside cells could not have evolved from other life forms. Like a mousetrap or a wristwatch, he says, it is evident that these were designed, though by whom he is reticent to say. Darwinists, who still comprise the large majority of scientists, say that Behe and others are simply appropriating what is yet unknown to conclude that it must be created by a higher intelligence.
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Supply & Demand Chain Executive (AZ)
2005 Pros to Know

Lehigh was mentioned in a profile of Agere employee Chris Armbruster, whose collaboration with Lehigh University led to new patents pending in breakthrough demand management and inventory control methodologies that Agere is using to lower inventories, improve customer service and enhance cash flow.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Student Drivers

William Pottenger, assistant professor of computer science and engineering at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about helping Allentown’s Harrison Morton Middle School with a National Science Foundation seed grant, which aims to encourage minority students and women to study science and math. Students in Harrison Morton will write a simple computer program using the software that allows them to drive robots. By doing so, using the “if-then” construct basic to all types of programming language, the students will learn computer programming in a way that is fun, says Pottenger. Don Stahl, who runs the school’s computer lab and teaches courses that use advanced technology, said, “These students have never really driven anything before.” Stahl and his teaching assistant, Jesse Wolfgang, a Lehigh University graduate student, have already driven home the point that this isn't a video game, that the robots can't go through walls and that there are consequences when the robots hit something.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 159,733)
The Key Word at Lehigh University is Research

It's been a year of records at Lehigh University, where the numbers of faculty, staff and undergraduate applicants are at their highest ever. And officials foresee continued growth. The university is the largest employer in the city of Bethlehem, according to Tony Hanna, Lehigh alumnus and director of community and economic development. “The university is one of the major economic development engines and a very significant partner with the city,” Hanna said. The growth at Lehigh, which had 1,506 employees at the end of last year, has been spurred in part by a new emphasis on research, according to university President Gregory Farrington. “In the years since I've been here, we have expanded in both staff and faculty in key intellectual areas,” said Farrington, who took the helm in 1999. “Within months of my arrival, I changed the budget at Lehigh to provide incentives to increase the research and graduate programs.” The university, which is on 1,600 acres over three campuses, should see continued employment growth, Farrington said. “The new staff is very research-oriented, and as they start research activity, there will be a second wave that occurs when the research programs grow,” he said. “That's already beginning to happen.”
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 159,733)
The Morning Call Adapts to Stay on Top of News

Jack Lule, professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about how the Morning Call has grown into the Lehigh Valley’s largest newspaper and one of the 100 biggest papers in the United States. Lule said most papers are still profitable, despite ad and circulation declines. Lule, a Lehigh professor for 14 years, worked as a reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1979 to 1984. The danger, Lule believes, is that more papers are falling into the ownership of major corporations such as Tribune. “Media consolidation is the biggest threat facing newspapers today,” said Lule.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 159,733)
Health Benefits are Big Concern to Small Business Owners

Sally Handlon, program director of the Small Business Development Center at Lehigh, was quoted in an article on the number of Lehigh Valley small businesses that are grappling with soaring health care costs and the challenge of hiring and keeping good workers. “Some of the younger workers that small businesses rely on, especially for seasonal or temporary work, are poor performers,” said Handlon. “They're entering the workforce without basic skills or a good work ethic. What that means from a small business owner's perspective is you've got to spend more time training them,” she said.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 159,733)
Swatches of “Gates” Fabric Becoming Much More Than Souvenirs

Lucy Gans, professor of art and architecture at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about pieces of saffron-colored fabric squares that were handed out at Central Park’s mega-art installation, “The Gates.” Gans says she keeps hers in her appointment book. At a recent meeting of a feminist research group to which she belongs, she was able to take it out and pass it around for all to touch. ''The others had pictures, but I had my swatch,'' she says. Over the two weeks “The Gates” were on display, more and more of Gans' students would hold up swatches when they came to class to show they had been to the city to see it. They bonded over it, she says.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 159,733)
Lafayette College is Small But Mighty in Higher Education

Lehigh University President Gregory C. Farrington was quoted in an article about Lafayette College and how they have grown to be the Lehigh Valley’s 28th largest employer and largest employer in Easton. “The Lehigh Valley is fortunate to have a wealth of fine institutions such as Lafayette and others that offer employment opportunities and bring financial and intellectual capital to the region. This is good for the region on many fronts, including its economic outlook,” said Farrington.
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The Morning Call (Saturday Circulation: 126,470)
The Express Times
NCC Buys Discovery Center

Lehigh was mentioned in an article about Northampton Community College’s plans to open a satellite office this fall. Mayor John Callahan said the purchase was a step toward fusing NCC's job-training mission with development of technology businesses such as those spun off by Lehigh University and included in the state's first Keystone Innovation Zone. “The community college is a very important component to the KIZ and the knowledge neighborhood,” Callahan said. “Lehigh University incubates it and grows it to commercial application, and NCC can train workers to implement it.”
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**Athletics in the News

The Boston Globe (Circulation: 446,831)
No Style Points, but Crusaders Play On

Lehigh, a decided underdog, threw a defensive blanket over Holy Cross, but the Crusaders escaped the trap -- barely -- and prevailed, 57-53, in overtime at the Hart Center. Lehigh clawed to a 29-27 halftime lead, and Holy Cross played catch-up most the second half. Lehigh led, 49-44, with 3:45 left, but didn't score the rest of regulation. “They were right up in the passing lane,” said Lehigh junior guard Joe Knight. “They made it difficult for me to get the ball in a comfortable position. There was always someone in front of me when I caught the ball. I'm really proud of the way our guys competed,” said Lehigh coach Billy Taylor. “Our leadership was tremendous today. We didn't give up a field goal in overtime, and we held a very good team to under 30 percent shooting. But you need to continue to make plays at the end.”
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Annapolis Capital
Wrestling: EIWA Finals Heavy on Crowd-Pleasing

Lehigh University was mentioned in an article about participating in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Championship Tournament held this past weekend. Before the big boys stepped onto the mat, Lehigh had wrapped up the team title by piling up 133.5 points, compared to Cornell's 131. And the wrestlers who would be going to the NCAA Championships in St. Louis - the top three in each weight class and 12 wild-card selections voted on by the 13 conference coaches - were already decided. Lehigh, the pre-tournament favorite, also had three champions in Cooperman at 141, Troy Letters at 165 and John Trenge at 197. It was the 4-1 victory by Trenge over Columbia's Jerry Rinaldi that put Lehigh over the top in its battle for the team title.
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The Express Times
Lehigh’s DePalo, Troyan Win League Honors

Lehigh University collected two of the four major Patriot League women's basketball post-season awards Tuesday. Senior forward Jessica DePalo became the Mountain Hawks' first women's player to earn player of the year honors. Sue Troyan was selected as coach of the year for the first time in her 10 seasons at Lehigh. Two other Lehigh players, sophomore Sara Ellis and senior Mary Frances Hynoski, were chosen for the second team. “Jessica is very deserving of such an accolade,” Troyan said. “She has had another outstanding year on the court and has served as an exceptional leader for the program, playing a significant role in our team's success. Mary and Sara have both played a significant role in our team's success this year,” Troyan said. “Mary had a breakout year this season, serving as the team's playmaker on both ends of the court. Sara stepped up her game as a sophomore, becoming a significant perimeter threat for our program, as well as a proven scorer.”
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**News of Interest

The Express Times
Area Companies Land Loans from Business Incubator

The Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, located at Lehigh University, awarded $150,000 to Thor Power Corporation of Bethlehem, a maker and designer of power tools, and $50,000 to Core People Resources, of Wind Gap. The loans were part of $540,000 in funding distributed to seven companies in Ben Franklin's 19- county region. The organization facilitates state loans to businesses developing innovative technologies.
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Posted on Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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