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Selected Media Coverage: April 5, 2005

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

Eyewitness News at 6
Sun-Sentinel (Sunday Circulation: 375,145)
Metro (Philadelphia) (Circulation: 143,798)
Express Newsline
NASA Awards Columbia Project to Boca Raton Scientist

Arnold Marder, professor of materials science and engineering at Lehigh, was supposed to be on spring break at his condo west of Boca Raton, but the phone kept ringing with interview requests. “Media people say this is getting the biggest play,” says Marder, 64, of a successful proposal he made while he was on sabbatical last spring at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. Marder was working on the massive crawler that carries the space shuttle to the launch pad. He helped design new treads for the slow-moving vehicle. During that project, he learned that NASA was going to distribute parts of the destroyed Columbia space shuttle to universities to study what caused it to explode upon re-entry on Feb. 1, 2003, over Texas and he immediately submitted a proposal. “I told them how great we were at microscopy,” says Marder, referring to the study of metals, ceramics, composites and polymers at the structural level. The microscopes they'll use can magnify beyond 100,000 times, practically down to the atomic level, Marder said.
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ComputerUser (Circulation: 1,713,500)
Twin Cities News

Poker Academy donates software for AI research
Minneapolis-based Poker Academy, a developer of poker software products, has donated $13,000 in software to Lehigh University for students in computer science and engineering to use in artificial intelligence (AI) research projects. The donated software will be used in Artificial Intelligence: Game Programming, a course offered last fall for the first time that will be taught again next fall. The goal of the students using the donated software in the new class will be to make better, more challenging computer games that adapt to a player’s behavior, style and level of skill.
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St. Petersburg Times (Sunday Circulation: 395,973)
From Contractors to Combat

Henri Barkey, chair of the international relations department at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about contractors who were in Iraq to help teach Iraqis how to set up their government. “Here comes the world's only superpower, the country that can do just about everything but that cannot do reconstruction,” says Barkey. “That has created a huge amount of disappointment with the United States.”
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Christianity Today (Circulation: 61,170)
Bioscience (10,000)

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was mentioned in another two articles regarding his book, “Darwin’s Black Box” and his theory of intelligent design. On October 22, John Paul II sent greetings to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, “the Church's scientific senate.” His message was reported in the general press as “Pope accepts evolution” as if it were “Church finally accepts heliocentrism.” Behe has demolished the idea that complex biological structures could possibly happen by means of gradual accretions of random mutations chosen and preserved by natural selection. Some structures, like the modern city, are complex simply because they have lots of parts, but rearranging or removing certain parts does not reduce the structure's essential function. Other structures, like the blood clotting mechanism, the human eye, or a bacterium's flagellum, consist of a host of parts all of which are necessary and which must be arranged in one and only one way for the structure to work.
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Lakeland Mirror
Safe Space: Is It Working?

Lehigh was mentioned in an article about the Safe Space program. The Safe Space program, which was set up in 2003, was meant to educate various faculty members about issues relating to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) community. “Lehigh University has a Safe Space program of its own in place, but it is on a far larger scale (mostly owing to the size of the school itself). Lehigh has a director of LGBT affairs and a Women's Center building to which the organization is attached,” the article said.
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Innovations Report (Germany)
New Alloy Verified for Safer Disposal of Spent Nuclear Energy Fuel

A new alloy developed and patented by researchers at Lehigh University, Sandia National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory could help the U.S. dispose more safely of 50,000 tons of spent nuclear energy fuel that are now stored at 125 sites in 39 states. John DuPont, associate professor of materials science and engineering at Lehigh and principal investigator on the project, says a nickel-based alloy with added gadolinium showed far greater ability than any other alloy to absorb the deadly radioactive neutrons emitted by nuclear waste. “We designed and developed various alloys to determine the quantity of gadolinium that could be added while still maintaining the desired properties,” says DuPont. “We needed to be able to heat-treat the final material, weld it and fabricate it.”
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The Conservative Voice
Accuracy in Media
Opinion: The Campus Conservative “Alternative” Media

Lehigh University students Neal Hoffman and Cristina Finetti were quoted in an article about their paper, “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” (TVRC). “The liberal bias that pervades our university has not been able to stifle this strong conservative voice,” says Editor-in-Chief Hoffman, adding, “Our staff has increased from twelve to twenty-four. The circulation has increased from 300 copies per issue to 2,000 copies.” Cristina Finetti, a senior political science and English major and assistant editor of TVRC, takes on political correctness in her articles. “I fear that within 20 years the entire Christmas holiday will be banned to ensure that Christians don't offend other groups,” Finetti muses, while recommending celebrating while you can “before the ACLU completely stifles your spirit.”
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 159,733)
A photograph of Lehigh University rowers was shown in the local section as they prepared for a race against Penn State Saturday on the Lehigh River.
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**Alumni in the News

Yahoo Finance

Judy F. Marks, who received her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh, was named executive vice president of Lockheed Martin’s Transportation and Security Solutions business until October, when she will become company president.
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Posted on Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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