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Lehigh campus to become more beautiful and celebrated

As the flowers are starting to poke through the soil around campus, a number of beautification and restoration projects are getting started, as well as celebrations of the history of Lehigh’s buildings.

The Campus Commemoration & Recognition Committee (CCRC) consisting of broad campus representation was formed in January to develop and recommend principles to guide projects of historic commemoration and recognition. The initial scope of this committee’s work was to address the commemoration of residential facilities that were formerly occupied by fraternities, sororities, or special interest groups.

After much discussion, the committee has recommended to the President’s Staff that historical markers be placed on all on-campus student housing to identify and celebrate the various groups, including the current occupants, who have lived in each building. The markers will be of a standard yet-to-be-determined size and style to ensure consistency across the campus. The placement of such markers will be recommended by the Offices of Residential Services and Facilities Services and the project will be overseen by the Office of External Relations and Campus Life.

Installation of the residential markers will begin this summer, based on the order in which the buildings were erected. The installation of all the residential markers is expected to be completed by Spring 2009.

Posted on Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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