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Alum gives Lehigh a ringing endorsement

Jack Stover '75, right, rings the bell to open the American Stock Exchange.

When Jack Stover ‘75, president and CEO of Antares Pharma, was recently offered the opportunity to open the American Stock Exchange by ringing the bell, his first thought was how his alma mater could share the limelight.

“The education I gained from attending Lehigh continues to be a critical component of my success, so I knew that I wanted to share this honor as a way to give back to help further the careers of future Lehigh alumni,” Stover says. “I immediately contacted my former professor, Jim Greenleaf, to see how we could involve Lehigh students and their parents in this exciting event.”

Watch a video of the opening ceremony.

Greenleaf, professor of finance, eagerly helped gather students and their families to participate in this rare occasion.

The three students arrived at the AMEX early in the morning on Nov. 4 to meet with Wall Street executives and have breakfast with the CEO of the American Stock Exchange. Stover made it possible for the students to experience every element the Exchange has to offer, including a live on-air interview with MSNBC.

“It was an experience unlike anything you can find in a classroom,” says Michael M. Dick ’05, a finance major who has his sights set on a Wall Street career. “We toured the behind-the-scenes operation of the Exchange and even stood with Jack on the platform as he rang the bell.”

Although the fast-paced events of the day lasted only a few hours, the impact will stay with both Stover and the students for a long time.

“This experience goes far beyond academics, says Peter M. Bianco ’05, a finance and accounting major. “The real-life exposure, the high-power networking and the personal interaction is something you can’t get from a textbook. This is an experience I’ll remember the rest of my life.”

Joseph C. Clemente ’05, a finance and economics major, was so inspired by the day’s events that he’s certain he’ll emulate Stover’s generosity when he’s in a similar position.

“I really give Jack credit for being willing to reach back to Lehigh to offer us this experience,” Clemente says. “We had the opportunity to meet important Wall Street executives and develop relationships that will be critical to our careers. He motivated me to involve Lehigh students when I reach a successful point in my career.”

Real-life experience

Not only were the students impressed by the day’s events, but their parents were able to participate in the experience as well.

“I really feel these outstanding lifetime experiences, along with the great classroom attention, have given our son a real opportunity for a successful career,” says Joseph’s mother, Joann Clemente. “His experiences, in-depth education and the network he has gained by attending Lehigh make it well worth the investment.”

Stover was in line to ring the bell after his company, Antares Pharma, began trading on the Stock Exchange in September. Antares Pharma is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company leveraging its experience in drug delivery systems to enhance product performance of established and developing drugs.

The company's current technology platforms include transdermal (Advanced Transdermal Delivery) gels, disposable mini-needle injection systems (Vibe), reusable needle-free injection systems (VISION and Valeo), and fast-melt oral (Easy Tec) tablets. Antares Pharma is currently partnering with several pharmaceutical and distribution companies for a number of indications and applications, including diabetes, growth disorders, obesity, female sexual dysfunction, and hormone therapies.

“It’s truly a valuable part of a business education to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-life events in the corporate world,” Stover says. “That’s what made this experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the students and for me.”

--Kim Plyler

Posted on Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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