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Coppuccino brews at Jazzman’s

Regulars at Jazzman’s coffee shop in Campus Square, members of the Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD) stood behind the blenders and cappuccino machines and made specialty coffee drinks to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club and to help students feel even safer at Lehigh.

“The LUPD fundraiser at Jazzman’s was a success and it helped highlight the role the department plays both on and off campus,” says Ed Shupp, Chief of the LUPD. “The fundraiser was the perfect opportunity not only to help the south Bethlehem community—specifically, the Boys and Girls Club—but also to let Lehigh students know we’re on campus to help keep them safe.”

Kimmarie Taylor, manager at Jazzman’s, encourages the LUPD officers to spend time at Jazzman’s because it helps foster a feeling of safety. “On my first day here last February, I was introduced to Corp. Adam Miller, who gave me the rundown on the LUPD’s role on campus. From that moment I realized that the LUPD play a larger role than many other campus police departments,” she says.

During her seven months as manager, Taylor says her relationship with the LUPD officers has grown, leading to the idea for the fundraiser. “One day I was talking with Officer Kevin O’Hay and he asked me questions about the difference between a cappuccino and a latte and how we prepare our specialty drinks. I told him I would train him on how to make them and then I thought, ‘why not make it into a fundraiser?’”

The LUPD fundraiser, which raised $450 for the Boys and Girls Club, also strengthened the already cooperative relationship between the South Side merchants. “The community businesses have been very supportive of Jazzman’s, and they were supportive of the fundraiser as well,” Taylor says. Businesses who contributed to the fundraiser included Pastaficio’s, Comfort & Joy, The Bridgeworks, Comfort Suites, the Lehigh University Bookstore, and Patti’s Petals.

Jazzman’s is now owned by Sodexho, a company that Taylor says has been very supportive of all her ideas for the coffee shop, including the fundraiser. “Sodexho is active with Stop Hunger and they acknowledge individuals and groups who give their time to the community,” she says.

Because it was such a success, Taylor hopes to make the LUPD fundraiser at Jazzman’s an annual event. “It was fun. I know the kids from the club enjoyed themselves, as did the officers,” she says. “Although I’ll have to remember to drop cloths—there was more coffee and whipped cream on the floor than usual! Thankfully, the officers were kind enough to stay behind and help clean up.”

--Sarah Suh

Posted on Friday, October 01, 2004

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