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Selected Media Coverage: November 2, 2004

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

The New York Times (Sunday Circulation: 1,672,965)

Lehigh quarterback Mark Borda grew up a few miles from the stadium where his surprising junior season is unfolding. "I remember when I was little trying to get through the fence with all my little friends," Borda said. "We ended up having to pay." Give Borda any wiggle room now, and he will literally scramble to a better vantage point. Saturday, he rushed for 91 yards and passed for another 134 to lead the Mountain Hawks to a 21-14 victory over Colgate at Goodman Stadium. The outcome ended the Raiders' Patriot League winning streak at 15.
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The Globe and Mail (Circulation: 368,857)
Miami Herald (Saturday circulation: 328,124)
What Color is your Heart?

Robert Rosenwein, professor of sociology at Lehigh, was quoted in two articles saying that people tend to be more attracted to others who share their political beliefs. "Fifteen years of research in social psychology shows that the basis of attraction is similarity," says Rosenwein. "It is much easier to be with people who look at the world the way you do. The fact that the Internet is now being exploited for ways of defining similarity so that people can meet each other does not surprise me.''
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Modern Steel Construction (Circulation: 50,000)
Deep Column Research for Steel Moment Frames

Lehigh University performed a study to investigate the effects of a floor slab on the seismic behavior of an interior moment connection between a pair of wide flange steel beams and a deep column. This research is available at
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Advanced Materials & Processes
Summer Fun at Materials Camp

The Lehigh Valley Chapter’s Materials Camp was co-sponsored by Carpenter Technology Corporation, Reading, PA, and Lehigh University. Graduate students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Lehigh volunteered their time to develop lesson plans with Materials in Transportation, Materials in Sports, Materials in Entertainment and Failure Analysis as themes. “What’s unique about us is the fact that the graduate students are doing the teaching,” according to Wojciech Misiolek, Materials Camp Program Coordinator and associate professor of materials science and engineering at Lehigh. “The graduate students are not much older than these kids. And yet they are essentially experts on the subject.”
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CPA Journal
The Effects of the New Goodwill Accounting Rules on Financial Statements

James A. Largay, professor of accounting at Lehigh University, co-authored an article on the new goodwill accounting rules on financial statements. The study suggests that impairment write-offs produced significant income and asset effects, especially in the first quarter following adoption, for about one-third of the company pool. Elimination of goodwill amortization impacts all companies’ reported incomes by an average increase of about 15% to 20%.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
“Group Think” Undermined Government at the Top

John Karakash, dean emeritus of engineering at Lehigh, wrote an op-ed on election politics. “Bin Ladenism disrupted our national life, not excluding governance. This saddens me,” he wrote. “I believe that the breakdown of our constitutionally mandated governance ‘tripod’ is of far greater consequence than intelligence failures. I am saddened that neither candidate for president raised the issue.”
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The Express Times (Sunday Circulation: 49,302)
Wall Street Training Ground

College senior David Versace compares studying at the Lehigh University Financial Service Laboratory to sharing an office with Manhattan power brokers. The finance major, who interned last summer at JP Morgan's New York City offices, says the university's newest lab is the next best thing to working at the prestigious brokerage house. "The students have an opportunity to be in an environment just like they would be on Wall Street," said Anne Anderson, associate professor of economics. It makes sense to implement the lab at Lehigh, where more students aspire to work on Wall Street than to become physicians, according to Richard H. Durand, Herbert Ehlers dean of the school's College of Business and Economics. Math, engineering and journalism majors can also make practical use out of the posh study hall. "How do we as an institution get our students to take theory into practice?" Durand said. "Without this facility, it's just theory."
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
Art Exhibits

Lehigh University, Zoellner Arts Center, 420 E. Packer Ave., Bethlehem. Howard Finster: Revealing the Masterworks, 1980-1999, and The Finster Cosmology: One of three simultaneous exhibitions by noted outside visionary artist Finster. Also showing ''Howard Finster Paradise Garden'' in DuBois Gallery at Maginnes Hall and ''Howard Finster: Prints and the Cloud Portfolio'' in Siegel Gallery at Iacocca Hall. Through Dec. 19.
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The Morning Call (Saturday Circulation: 130,360)
Week in Reviews: Saturday, Oct. 30

It's not every day that a jazz legend spends time right here in the Lehigh Valley. So it was an uncommon treat to hear legendary jazz singer Nancy Wilson at Lehigh University's Zoellner Arts Center Sunday night. After a few songs, her technique became obvious. Most surprising was Wilson's voice, which showed no sign of the ravages of time, although Wilson often referred to lyric sheets, which was unusual, but not unheard of.
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The Express Times (Circulation: 130,360)
Master of Darkness

David Hawkes, associate professor of English at Lehigh, will teach a course next semester about "Satan in Literature," where he will outline how writers such as John Milton and Edgar Allen Poe have used Satan to try to come to terms with how God could allow evil. "What we call Satan comes to be an aspect of God, and that's a terribly hard thing for some people to reconcile," says Hawkes. "Because it means that when bad things happen in the world, it must actually be good in some way because Satan was made by God."
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**Athletics in the News

The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
The Express Times (Circulation: 50,522)
Lehigh Holds Wrestleoffs Tonight

With two wrestlers ranked No. 1 in the nation and three more ranked in the Top 10, it's little wonder that Lehigh University is ranked No. 2 in the country according to the initial National Wrestling Coaches Association poll. Lehigh fans will get a chance to see the team in its formative stages tonight when the annual wrestleoffs take place at Grace Hall.
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**Alumni in the News

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Sunday Circulation: 107,139)

Robert A. Rudzki, who holds a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering from Lehigh University, was appointed executive vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer of Promet Energy Partners.
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KVOA-TV (Seattle, WA)
PR Newswire

Robert G. Brown, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Onvia, Inc. Onvia, Inc. helps businesses secure government contracts and government agencies find suppliers online.
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Intelligencer Journal
Lancaster New Era

G. William Ruhl, a Lehigh University graduate, has been elected chairman and president of D&E Communications, Inc.
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Posted on Tuesday, November 02, 2004

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