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Selected Media Coverage: January 6, 2004

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

USA Weekend Magazine (49 million circulation)
Good News About Bad Things that Happen to your Kids

A special health report featuring George DuPaul's research regarding the treatment of ADHD in children ran in USA Weekend Magazine, a magazine supplement included in 600 newspapers across the nation.
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Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Sunday Circulation: 409,217)
Letters Perfect; Former WPIAL Star Wrestler Having Stellar Season at Lehigh

Off of the mat, Lehigh University sophomore Troy Letters is about as simple as they come. "I do my school work, but other than that, after school, wrestling is my life." On the mat, Shaler Area graduate Letters tries and keeps it that simple as well. He goes out and does his job. And so far, the kid has done an outstanding job, having compiled a record of 22-0 in dual matches, becoming an All-American in just his first season, and for his work thus far in 2003, Letters is ranked No. 1 in the country at 165 pounds. He was 34-2 as a freshman, 5-0 this year.
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Black Collegian (Circulation: 112,204)
The Top Diversity Employers 2003

Lehigh’s National Association of Black Accountants’ Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP) was mentioned in the October issue of the Black Collegian. This program encourages minorities to pursue careers in business or accounting and goes beyond flat-out advising to partnering with institutions and students to help them reach their goals.
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Monitor (Circulation: 43,398)
How Can God Allow So Much Suffering?

Michael Behe, professor, biological sciences at Lehigh, was mentioned in article regarding his book, "Darwin’s Black Box." He argued for “irreducible complexity” as a requirement for biochemical systems to develop.
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Vero Beach Press-Journal (Circulation: 32,712)
Eating on the Run

Research by Karen Evans Stout, associate professor of educational leadership at Lehigh, continues to gain media attention. Stout attended and studied more than 2,000 school lunches as she researched school-lunch practices in the United States and abroad.
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Monroe Sunday News (Circulation 25,301)
The Solution to the “Ring Around the Glass”

Scientists at Lehigh were mentioned in an article about the cloudy ring that can form around wineglasses. They say it isn’t the result of leftover grime. It’s actually caused by a network of microscopic scratches that become visible after a few spins through the dishwasher.
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Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal (Circulation: 10,200)
Lehigh University received a young professor grant from E. I. DuPont De Nemours and Co.; a grant from Ernst & Young Foundation for the Accounting Career Awareness Program; a grant from the Unisys Corp. to support the Unisys First Scholars Program; and a grant from Silicon Laboratories in support of basic graduate research in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
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The Associated Press State & Local Wire
Student EMTs are Gaining Exposure as they Provide First Aid

Before dawn one morning, a beeping pager roused a member of Lehigh University's Emergency Medical Services. Lehigh is one of 14 Pennsylvania colleges that belong to the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation. When an emergency is reported to campus police, three students from the emergency service typically respond.
''My guys know when to back off because they're properly trained,'' said Lehigh University Police Chief Edward Shupp.
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National Interest
The Sick Man of Asia

Rajan Menon, professor of international relations at Lehigh, wrote an article on Russia’s Endangered Far East. "The Russian Far East is a gaggle of territorial units varying in size and shape," he wrote. "A vast expanse of 6.2 million square kilometers three-fourths the size of the 'Lower Forty-Eight' U.S. states, the Far East occupies more than a third of Russia's landmass and contains a cornucopia of oil, gas, timber, gold, diamonds, fish, coal and assorted industrial raw materials. Yet no more than 7 percent of Russia's population lives there."
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Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2004

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