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Selected Media Coverage: November 30, 2004

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New York Times (Circulation: 1,130,740)
Let Us Now Praise Funky Structures

Amy Forsyth, associate professor of art and architecture at Lehigh, was mentioned in an article about updating worn structures. She and painter Charley Farrell share a five-acre farm with a half-dozen outbuildings hear Bechtelsville, Pa. “In three years they have turned a garage into a woodworking shop and a barn annex into a painting studio with a new sheet-metal roof,” the article said. “They have kept the still-functioning outhouse as is. The couple tells dinner guests to bring snow boots for the requisite tour, tromping by lantern from one building to the next. They may next turn the main part of the barn into a yoga or dance studio, Forsyth said, and perhaps convert the pigpen into a dining pavilion or a cabana for an above-ground pool on the property.”
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Los Angeles Times (Circulation: 1,014,044)
Breaking the Kashmir Impasse

Rajan Menon, professor of international relations at Lehigh, wrote an article on India and Pakistan, comparing the countries to two hamsters running on parallel wheels. “Both critics and admirers of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf will agree on one thing: The man does not lack boldness or an appetite for risk-taking,” Menon wrote. “…The upshot isn't that Musharraf has forged the magic key to unlock the Kashmir dispute; it's that, in the context of an improved India-Pakistan relationship, he has produced some new ideas. And according to Farooq, Musharraf's proposals will be on the agenda this week when the Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz visits New Delhi. By shifting the grounds for negotiations, Musharraf has adroitly lobbed the ball into India's court.”
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Phi Delta Kappan (Circulation: 100,000)
Private Effects?

Perry Zirkel, professor of education and law in the College of Education at Lehigh, wrote an article on a case where a high school math teacher in the Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School District was charged with an inappropriate relationship with a female student. As the discipline for this offense, the hearing officer fined him $3,500 and was suspended in 1998 for allegedly sexually harassing another female student and in1999, was arrested for stalking a former student. “The case appears to provide various legal lessons for school districts and their employees,” Zirkel wrote.
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Christian Science Monitor (Circulation: 75,639)
A Special Compromise on Education

Perry Zirkel was also mentioned in an article regarding a new bill that passed which aims to improve education for America's 6 million children with learning disabilities. “Zirkel warns that by removing one of the more rigid criteria, fewer students will qualify for special education,” the article said.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Thanksgiving Snoozers

Elizabeth Scofield, director of Lehigh University’s Zoellner Arts Center, was recently quoted in an article about Thanksgiving sleepiness. It has been popular recently to blame the sleepiness on the amino acid tryptophan, a natural sedative found in turkey meat. But researchers now say tryptophan works effectively only on an empty stomach. Thanksgiving ''is supposed to be a festive occasion when people are happy to be together,'' says Elizabeth M. Scofield, who teaches etiquette courses at Lehigh. Napping, she says, shows ''utter indifference'' to that notion. ''What kind of impression do you want to leave?'' Scofield says. ''To be the son-in-law who overate and fell asleep and snored?''
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Chamber Committee Grows with Small Firms

Sally Handlon, program director at the Small Business Development Center at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about the Lehigh Valley’s previous dominance by large employers 25 years ago. “People don't come with the same basic skills that they did 10 to 15 years ago,'' said Handlon. ''People tended to have knowledge of business process that is not as evident today.'' Handlon said that for example, some younger employees have become so used to relying on technology that they are unable to think on their feet when the computer system fails.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
Millions in Funding Headed to Lehigh Valley

Lehigh University was mentioned in an article after receiving federal funding under the 2005 Omnibus Appropriations Bill. The $100,000 was given to Lehigh for research to improve the lives of disabled individuals at the Center for Promoting Healthy Development for Individuals with Disabilities. The primary objective of the center is to create a living laboratory that establishes partnerships with schools, parents, and community service providers to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Colleges Help Students Avoid Turkey of a Trip

At colleges in the Lehigh Valley and across the country, dormitory doors are slamming shut today for the one holiday during which many schools require students to leave campus. And at Lehigh University, the student government organized a one-way bus to the Port Authority in New York.
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The Express Times
Business-Oriented Radio Show to Debut

Sally Handlon, program director at the Small Business Development Center at Lehigh, was also mentioned as one of the guests who may appear on a new syndicated radio show aimed at the business community that will be originating out of Easton early next year. "This Week in Small Business," an hour-long show, will air from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays on WEST-AM (1400) and is described as a partnership between local chambers of commerce and sponsors. According to the show's Web site, "(This Week in Small Business), together with its sponsors, gives small businesses the opportunity to reach out, ask questions, gain support, and most importantly, succeed."
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The Express Times
Lehigh Official Joins College Valley

Laura Gostley-Hackett, director of Pennsylvania’s Governor’s School for Entrepreneurship at Lehigh, has been named project coordinator, according to a College Valley statement. College Valley, the program devoted to attracting people to the Lehigh Valley's colleges and retaining them when they graduate, has a new senior staff member. Her duties will include managing the program's initiatives and overseeing efforts such as the student guides, Web site and initiatives established by the program.
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The Express Times
Godzilla Turns Fifty

Robert Rosenwein, professor of sociology at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about Godzilla turning fifty. He said he is not necessarily a devotee of the Godzilla films but is familiar with the basic story and why it has had an impact on our culture. "Godzilla came out of Japan in the early 1950s and clearly represents their fears of the historic bombings. Godzilla arose out of this and carries the message that if you mess with the atom, it wreaks havoc on you," Rosenwein said. "Godzilla" -- initially "Gojira" before the name was changed for Western tongues to appreciate -- was released in Japan in 1954 and re-released in America in April 1956 with Raymond Burr and redubbed dialogue. It had a message Americans quickly understood. "The Japanese fear is not just isolated to them. It's a shared fear -- a fear we shared during the Cold War," Rosenwein explained.
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Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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