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Selected Media Coverage: August 2, 2004

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Los Angeles Times (Sunday Circulation: 1,396,045)
U.S. Can Find a Model for Iraq in Today’s India

Rajan Menon, professor of international relations at Lehigh and a fellow at the New America Foundation wrote an article about India being a model for Iraq. “India's failures are legion and impossible to ignore. Poverty and desperation abound,” he wrote. “Infant mortality is unacceptably high. Schools and healthcare are substandard -- if available at all. Roads and other infrastructure are primitive or in poor repair. The Indian government seems unable to adequately protect the country's Muslim minority (about 12% of the population) from periodic pogroms, and violence against lower castes erupts regularly. Conflicts with Pakistan over Kashmir continue, made more alarming by the fact that both countries now possess nuclear weapons. But despite these very real problems, most of what we read about India misses what is most remarkable about the country: its sheer survival. And as the United States attempts to shape a new government in Iraq, the lessons of India are perhaps worth considering, not least because the challenge Iraq faces -- keeping a multiethnic country whole without sliding into dictatorship -- is one that India, despite all its difficulties, has faced and overcome against considerable odds.”
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Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota) (Saturday Circulation: 33,564)
Salina Journal (Kansas) (Sunday Circulation: 31,256)
Evolution-Design Debate Rages On

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about evolution. “I see intelligent design as a scientific hypothesis to explain some of the complexity we see in the cell that we’ve discovered in the past 50 years or so,” said Behe, author of the 1996 book “Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution” and a leading proponent of intelligent design. “In Darwin’s day, the cell was thought to be a pretty simple thing — just a blob of goo — and that it would be easy to get first life,” he said. “They’re really molecular machines. There are little molecular trucks and buses, carrying supplies from one part of the cell to the other; there are molecular roads, even molecular road signs.”
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Centre Daily Times (Sunday Circulation: 33,782)
“Innovation Zone” Planners Predict Jobs for Centre, Blair, Bedford

Lehigh University was mentioned in an article about a Keystone Innovation Zone being established along the entire Interstate 99 corridor in three counties that could lead to $80 million work of new facilities at Penn State and $20 million in industrial parks outside the university. “Two zones have been approved so far, one around Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster and the other at Lehigh University in Bethlehem,” the article said. Four more applicants with administrative grants have sought zone status, and a fifth has applied for a planning grant.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
Institute Hopes to Help Teachers Excite Students About Science

Lehigh was mentioned in an article on the Da Vinci Institute, a science-teaching leadership initiative that aims to equip teachers with the skills necessary to excite elementary school students about math and science. With science and technology likely to become the hallmark of the 21st century, a group of Lehigh Valley educators has devised an innovative project to encourage interest in science among the youngest of students. A $264,000 state Department of Education grant, arranged by Allentown, underwrites the Math-Science Partnership that developed the institute. The partnership, one of only seven in Pennsylvania, involves Cedar Crest, Lehigh University and the Discovery Center. PPL Corp. and Agere Systems provided additional funding.
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Posted on Monday, August 02, 2004

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