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Selected Media Coverage: December 21, 2004

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WBEZ (Chicago)

Henri Barkey, professor of international relations and Bernard and Bertha Cohen Chair of the department, was interviewed by the NPR affiliate in Chicago, WBEZ, at 2 p.m Sunday, December 19, on the topic of Turkey's relationship with the European Union.
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Philadelphia Inquirer (Circulation: 368,883)
Campbell Soup Taps Markets Beyond the Home

Lehigh University was mentioned in an article about Campbell Soup Away From Home Division targeting campuses and food-service outlets, which is showing steady growth. At Lehigh University and Muhlenberg College in Allentown, for example, sales increased by at least 20 percent after switching from unbranded to branded Campbell soup, Prann said. “It's a big deal on college campuses” because kids are so brand conscious.” Sari Biddelman, a junior at Lehigh from New York, finds Campbell soup comforting. “It's not mass-produced stuff they throw together,” said Biddelman, referring to the soup made in (most) campus cafeterias.
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Monitor on Psychology (Circulation: 106,668)
Should our Children be Taking Psychotropics?

George DuPaul, professor of education and human services at Lehigh University, was mentioned in an article as being part of a task force that is reviewing children’s use of psychoactive medications. The eight-member group – which includes experts on childhood depression, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and regulatory issues, as well as a child psychiatrist – will focus and write a report on the bigger picture of what is and isn’t known about the effects of such medications on
children, and how to best apply that knowledge in practice.
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Chronicle of Higher Education (Circulation: 87,246)

Mohamed El-Aasser, dean of the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University, has been appointed provost.
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Grounds Maintenance (Circulation: 65,050)
Trend Setters

Lehigh University was mentioned in an article about current trends in landscaping and how it is designed for conditions. Lisa Farina, landscape architect for The Brickman Group’s Northeast division, shared an example of designing for conditions at Lehigh University’s Alumni Building. In the article, Farina noted, that this building presents the first impression to visitors, prospective students and their parents and is the centerpiece of an historic Ivy League campus. The site featured mature shade trees and aging shrubbery. The biggest environmental element, aside from shade, is the large deer population on this rural campus, she said. The challenge was to preserve the old shade trees and a shaggy, historic boxwood hedge, and complement the classic architecture with a design that evokes the feeling of an old English garden. “So we trimmed and shaped the hedges to give them a cleaner appearance, and built in layers of astilbe and fern,” explains Farina. The deer-resistant foliage adds color and texture, and is less likely to be destroyed by the wildlife.
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Lawrence Journal World (Kansas)
Scientist, Lawyer Debate Intelligent Design Theory

Michael Behe, professor of biological science at Lehigh, was again mentioned in an article about the Darwinian theory. Some scientists doubt the Darwinian idea that living things merely “appear” designed. Instead, they think that living systems display telltale signs of actual or "intelligent" design. Prominent scientists, such as Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe, have cited intriguing evidence in support of this theory, such as the presence of digital information, complex circuits and miniature motors in living cells.
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The Other Side of Positive Aging: The Political Economy of Elder Care

Laura Katz Olson, professor of political science at Lehigh University, wrote an article about aging that is critical of this country’s policies toward the elderly. “The U.S. has a costly but vastly ineffectual approach to long-term care: it is bankrupting older people and their families and depleting national and state government treasuries while long-term care business establishments cash in on the social programs. Policymakers have allowed the profit motive and greed to eclipse social responsibility and public accountability. Nursing home owners reap billions in tax money, yet the vast majority of elderly Americans living in these institutions are subjected to dehumanizing treatment. By extending our social programs to include quality long-term care options we will enhance the well-being of today’s frail elders and assure a safer, more caring environment for ourselves in our old age.”
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Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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