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Careers are the result of tenacity, preparation, and opportunity.

Tenacity is what you alone bring to the mix, but preparation and opportunity are two areas in which your alumni family continues to make great strides. Whether you are an alumnus seeking to enhance your current career track, just starting out in a new direction, or finding great success and having a desire to reach out and help others, there is opportunity for all to be involved.

There are resources for resume and cover letter critiques, career coaching and counseling, workshops, seminars, networking events, job postings, and much, much more. From New York to San Francisco, we are taking career development and networking connections to as many places as we can. If the standing-room-only attendance at our career events is a measure of your interest and our success, then we all have something to be proud of.

For those seeking talent, you know the quality of a Lehigh graduate; and those of you looking to advance your own career know that it doesn’t get any better than serving under Lehigh-educated leadership. Attending alumni events leverages that knowledge by providing an opportunity to meet both potential employers and candidates—in person—in a casual, no-pressure environment.

Not able to make one of the events in person? The next best thing to being there are the on-line services. For example, the Lehigh alumni-only career networking and job posting Web site is a reserved meeting place where corporate leadership meets quality candidates. Not just any leader or candidate, but Lehigh alums—a unique feature of the Alumni Web site. Click here for the career network site.

What about alums who want to satisfy the natural desire to pass on proven success advice to other alums? The opportunities are many. During events held throughout the year across the country, your contribution as a presenter at a workshop, speaker at a seminar, or expert in your career track brings real value to the other alums attending. It is difficult to overestimate the value of experience, knowledge, and contacts you bring to these events.

The bottom line is that that the resources are here and available to all. How we maximize the benefit rests on our willingness to be creative and proactive in making the connection. We are committed to doing our part – its up to you to make the most of it! Click here for the Alumni Career Development Web site.

Chris Marshall ‘88
Alumni Director

Posted on Monday, April 26, 2004

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