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Selected Media Coverage: March 29, 2004

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

The Dallas Morning News (Circulation: 541,148)
Gym and Salon Have Become the Confessionals of Choice

Robert E. Rosenwein, a social psychologist at Lehigh University, was quoted in an article on a growing tendency for people to confide in their personal trainers, hairdressers and other virtual strangers. Those who study human behavior say these confessions signal how our society has changed – becoming more mobile, spread out and secular. Providing us with fewer close friends to whom we can vent or venues where we can confess. Now "we're a confessional culture but a more secular culture," Rosenwein said. "That doesn't do away with the need for confession, it just moves it to other venues."
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
25 Years Ago, Catastrophe Loomed on Three Mile Island

Sharon M. Friedman, professor of journalism at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about public trust being lost regarding Three Mile Island. Although nobody was hurt or injured at Three Mile Island, the public trust in nuclear power — and in the businesses, government agencies and individuals associated with it — was suddenly lost. ''Faith in the nuclear industry melted away… along with the core of the reactor,'' said Friedman, who also was a consultant to the presidential commission that investigated the accident. ''It has been a very difficult situation for the nuclear power industry, to achieve any credibility with the public, since that time,'' Friedman said. ''Their credibility is shot.''
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The Express Times (Circulation: 50,522)
What the !@/*?

Liz Scofield, Lehigh University's etiquette instructor and managing director of Zoellner Arts Center, was quoted in an article on the increasing use of foul language in society. "When you swear, you don't know who you're offending," she said. "If people think they can say whatever they want to, it shows a lack of respect. So I think it shows a lot about their character. Not only would I think they're inarticulate and crude, I think they might be undisciplined and not be able to handle themselves in public or when the chips are down."
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The Express Times (Circulation: 50,522)
Panel to Debate Whether U.S. Culture is Force for Good

Amardeep Singh, assistant professor of English at Lehigh, will be on a panel that Lafayette College is hosting tonight on the world's love-hate relationship with American culture. The discussion on "American Culture: Benevolent Force or Evil Empire" is scheduled for 6 p.m. in Room 104 of the Kirby Hall of Civil Rights.
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The Express Times (Circulation: 45,199)
Nonprofit Marketing Valley as College Hot Spot

Lehigh University, Lafayette College and Muhlenberg College are partners, as well as the Lehigh and Northampton community colleges, in a new initiative that will market the Lehigh Valley as a higher education destination. Called "College Valley," the nonprofit group has partnered nine schools, city and county administrations, tourism officials and economic development groups with the express goal of attracting and retaining students and their revenue.
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**Alumni in the News

Denver Post (Circulation: 301,107)
Controversial Holtzman Retooling DU

Marc Holtzman, who holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Lehigh and is now president of University of Denver, has been working quietly behind the scenes to reinvent the private university of 9,500 students. Since beginning work nearly seven months ago, Holtzman, 44, is embarking on a yet-to-be-announced $35 million fundraising campaign, teaming with a four-star general to initiate the nation's first homeland security master's degree, setting up student-recruitment offices across the globe, and establishing professional review panels for the university's 10 colleges.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Parkland’s New Superintendent Aims for Smooth Transition

Louise Donahue, who received her doctorate from Lehigh, has been named superintendent of the Parkland School District.
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**News of Interest

The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)

Lehigh University Small Business Development Center will hold a seminar titled, ''Understanding the Financial Options,'' on Thursday, April 1, 2004 at Rauch Business Center.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
The following art exhibits will take place at Lehigh this week:
Killing Ground: Photographs of the Civil War and Changing American Landscape: Archival Civil War images are paired in diptychs with contemporary color photos by John Huddleston of the same sites, at the same time of day and year. Opens Thursday. Through June 30. DuBois Gallery, Maginnes Hall.

Once Upon a Time in Havana Harbor: The U.S.S. Maine: Vintage prints made from glass lantern slides of the 1890s. Opens Thursday. Through June 30. DuBois Gallery, Maginnes Hall.

Larry Fink: The Forbidden Work-A Political Tableau: Fink's satirical photographs spoof political leaders, in the artistic tradition of George Grosz and Max Beckman. Through April 12. DuBois Gallery, Maginnes Hall.

Discovery: New and Emerging Photography: Six artist/photographers as diverse as their work. Through May 7 in Iacocca Hall, Mountaintop campus.
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Posted on Monday, March 29, 2004

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