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Selected Media Coverage: August 13, 2004

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

International Herald Tribune
America’s Dictator Problem in Uzbekistan

Rajan Menon, professor international relations at Lehigh University, wrote an article on America’s dictator problem in Uzbekistan. Islam Karimov's iron-fisted regime in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan - which he ruled as the local Communist Party boss from 1989 until the implosion of the Soviet Union in 1991 - is lurching toward crisis, Menon wrote. The predicament Washington could face in Uzbekistan exemplifies a familiar pattern in American foreign policy. In the name of combating a variant of anti-American radicalism - communism during the cold war, terrorism today - the United States provides economic and military assistance to a dictatorship because, well, it seems better than the alternative. That engagement metamorphoses into entrapment when the regime, having extinguished all political participation and having failed to deliver enough economic benefits to offset the ill will generated by its repressiveness, begins to run up against violent opposition.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Let Olympics Elevate, Rather Than Divide Humanity

John Karakash, dean emeritus of engineering at Lehigh University, wrote an op-ed about the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. He represented Turkey in the Balkan Olympics in Athens in 1933. Contemplating what is transpiring in Athens today, I am saddened that what was once a celebration of brotherhood among athletes will be held in an environment dominated by land, air and sea armed forces seeking to avert repetition of what transpired in the Olympic Village in Munich in 1972.
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**Athletics in the News

Centre Daily Times (Circulation: 27,703)
Our View | Good Luck to our Own Olympic Competitors

Kerry McCoy, assistant wrestling coach at Lehigh, was mentioned in another article on local athletes who will be participating in the Olympics. Locally, we'll watch with pride as athletes connected to the area join in the procession and realize their Olympic dreams. We wish everyone well in Athens, but in particular we'll have rooting interest in athletes with local or Penn State ties. Among them, there's Kerry McCoy, Penn State graduate and former Nittany Lion wrestler, now an assistant wrestling coach at Lehigh University. This is the second Olympics for McCoy, a favorite in heavyweight freestyle wrestling, but it's special nonetheless.
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**News of Interest

The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
South Side to Lose Its Wawa

Come this fall, south Bethlehem residents will need to find a new place to grab some coffee and a bagel before dashing off to work, and Lehigh University students will lose the place they've come to rely on for a 2 a.m. caffeine fix during a long night at the library. The Wawa Food Market on W. Morton Street — in the heart of the South Side just off the campus — is scheduled to close in mid-September because it's too small, a Wawa spokeswoman said. ''Our lives may be over,'' wailed Vadim Kharaz, a Lehigh junior, when he heard about the closing. ''We come here probably every day.'' ''During finals, I'm here every night,'' agreed his friend, Scott Boyle, who is also a junior. ''We live here.'' Paul Rearden, a Lehigh graduate student, said students like Wawa for its convenient location and reasonable prices. ''Nowhere else can you go and get a decent-sized hoagie for $5,'' he said.
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Posted on Friday, August 13, 2004

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