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Selected Media Coverage: March 31, 2004

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Dr. Love Is In

Robert E. Rosenwein, professor of sociology at Lehigh, was quoted yet again on the topic of singles joining dating sites that match people by psychological compatibility. He said that as long as the studies have been shown to have good validity — which in psychological terms means they predict at about a rate of about 50 percent or higher — they can be good indicators of success. But the true test of longevity can't be measured yet because the phenomenon is still fairly new. "I don't think there's any reason to think that the more complex inventory is going to be more predictive of success than something that's more 'superficial' … the literature all shows the best predictors are similarity in places of interests and values," Rosenwein said. "If that's what you're measuring, you can make matches and probably predict fairly successfully."
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Herald-News (Circulation: 37,720)
Steel Industry's Saving Grace?

Mary Beth Deily, associate professor of economics at Lehigh, continues to appear in articles about International Steel Group (ISG). In business for just two years, ISG has catapulted to the top of the industry by buying bankrupt steel makers--like Bethlehem Steel--at bargain prices. ''ISG has been pretty successful, more successful than any time in the past,'' said Deily, who follows the steel industry. ISG has succeeded at ''dealing with the union and getting everybody on board and moving ahead and getting the workers to kind of buy into what sacrifices they have to make to keep this capacity running.
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Santa Cruz Sentinel (Circulation: 27,064)
Researchers Working on New Kind of Internet Router

Lehigh University is partnering with researchers at UC Santa Cruz to work on a multimillion-dollar project aimed at speeding up Internet communication. The goal is to develop a prototype of a new kind of router to direct Internet traffic within four years.
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**News of Interest:

Am-Pol (Circulation: 2,400) (Buffalo, NY)
Pouring the Sun Illuminates the Life of a Polish American in a Steel Town

"Pouring the Sun," a play commissioned by Lehigh that details the life of a Bethlehem steelworker and his family, was praised in a recent review.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Weed & Seed Resurrects Job Training

Computer and entrepreneurial training classes offered in 2002 under Easton's Weed and Seed program are being resurrected after a year of turmoil within the city program. The grant in 2002 was for $100,000, which provided funds for start-up business loans, computer training to 80 West Ward residents, and a five-week training session on how to start a home business through Lehigh University's Small Business Development Center.
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Posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2004

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