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Selected Media Coverage: June 22, 2004

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

Daily Star (Lebanon)
An Autonomous Iraqi Kurdish Entity is in Turkey’s Best Interest

Henri Barkey, chair of the international relations department at Lehigh, wrote an op-ed on a possible Kurdish state within Iraq that appeared once again, this time in an international paper. "The United States prefers a unified, democratic Iraq organized along federal lines after sovereignty is transferred on June 30," Barkey writes. "But one likely outcome could be a country split into two, with Sunni and Shiite Arabs coalescing against the Kurds, whom they increasingly see as U.S. collaborators. Already the Kurds have threatened to quit the new caretaker government if it alters the interim constitution's provisions on Kurdish autonomy. Yet a strong federal Kurdish state in northern Iraq could be a significant plus for U.S.--and Turkish--interests, especially if it developed in an environment of improving U.S.-Turkey relations."
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Chicago Tribune (Circulation: 693,659)
Sister Soldiers

Jack Lule, professor of journalism at Lehigh, was quoted in another article about the war in Iraq. The vividly contrasting images of American soldiers Jessica Lynch and Lynndie England, one portrayed as a heroic victim and the other as depraved villain, symbolize the souring of U.S. opinion of the Iraq war, experts say. "It’s no mistake that two of the strongest images out of the war are of women. We are still, as a culture, coming to terms with women in the military, and Jessica and Lynndie have become mirrors to our understanding of women in combat as well as the war in Iraq”, said Lule.
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Press (Atlantic City) (Circulation: 73,489)
Cafeteria Control Is No Picnic for Schools

Karen Evans Stout, associate professor of educational leadership at Lehigh, was mentioned in an article about behavior in a school cafeteria. The article stated that Stout has studied school cafeterias and found that limited facilities, budgets and time have turned many school cafeterias into stressful assembly-line operations. Stout endorses using the cafeteria to teach social skills and personal interaction. In an article in the American School Board Journal, she suggested encouraging teachers to eat with the students to model appropriate behavior.
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Record Herald (Waynesboro, PA) (Circulation: 9,500)
FCCTC Partners with Lehigh University

Through a new distance-education partnership, area students can now earn masters degrees from Lehigh by taking classes at the Franklin County Career and Technology Center in Chambersburg. Students can take day and evening classes in business administration, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, molecular biology, quality engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry, and polymer science and
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Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal (Circulation: 10,200)
Speaker: Government, Business Make Good Team

Lehigh University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Reverse Trade Show was held on May 26 at Lehigh University’s Iacocca Hall. Paul McHale was the show’s keynote speaker. He spoke about how small businesses can help the federal government by creating new products to be used in fighting terrorism. “It’s very overwhelming as a small business to figure out the path to federal agencies,” said Sally Handlon, program director for business education and training for the SBDC.
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**News of Interest

Chronicle of Higher Education (Circulation: 86,600)

Proteus Unmasked: Sixteenth-Century Rhetoric and the Art of Shakespeare by Trevor McNeely (Lehigh University Press) was featured in the New Scholarly Book section of the Chronicle of Higher Education. The book explores the playwright’s understanding of rhetoric and its affinities with theater through a study of Coriolanus, King Lear, Measure for Measure, Othello, and Richard III.
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Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2004

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