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Welcome Message from Chris Marshall

Lehigh-Lafayette weekend 2003 … temperatures in the 60’s (on a late November weekend!), thousands of alumni back for “THE game,” and a convincing win by our football team—a perfect day.

That same morning 150 alumni parents and more than 100 of their legacy children attended an admissions presentation on life at Lehigh today. I made a few opening remarks then sat in the back and watched our admissions slide show … and I was absolutely amazed! How I would love to be a student today! I made that same comment in my closing remarks and I saw 150 alumni heads nodding in agreement.

The Lehigh that exists today is a better place to be a student than ever before. Our alma mater has made rapid change and has nimbly adjusted to the competitive market of higher education.

And at the same time, we have remained firmly rooted in the traditions that make Lehigh such a special place: the feeling of being part of the “Lehigh Family,” the “Lehigh Experience,” or the “Lehigh Magic.” All of these are difficult concepts to describe to folks who never attended Lehigh … but if you did go here, you just know what I am talking about.

If you've not had the chance to see these changes over the last five years, then you might not know how significant they have been. There is a difference between change to merely keep up and change that is transformational and that is ahead of the curve. It is not any one building, or a particular faculty member, or even a new academic program. It is all of these added together and culminating in a progressive effort to be the best.

The result? A Lehigh University where previous standings and rankings are exceeded, an innovative curriculum that has never been stronger, a faculty that has never been more prestigious, a student body that has never been brighter, and a place where any student (who could meet the new admissions standards) would simply love to study.

Platitudes of institutional pride? No. A closer examination of what President Greg Farrington has led Lehigh to accomplish during his tenure proves otherwise. The campus is a better place to live and learn—and it’s getting better every semester. Our expectations for the future are high, and yours should be as well.

If you’ve not taken a closer look at Lehigh lately, you should. These newsletters serve as one way to provide a window to our progress. And of course you have an open invitation to visit the campus, attend a regional alumni meeting, or even to join us as we share the Lehigh story to prospective students and their parents.

On behalf of myself, my family, and the entire university, I wish all a blessed and safe holiday season!

Chris Marshall ’88
Alumni Director

Posted on Saturday, December 18, 2004

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