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Welcoming fans to "Our House"

Lehigh has always taken pride in attracting some of the most loyal and best-behaved fans in the Patriot League, and the athletics department has gotten creative in its effort to reinforce some of the guiding principles behind good sporting behavior.

Recently, the department launched its “Our House” campaign designed to remind fans of the key components behind being a Lehigh fan.

Elements of the campaign include specific “Welcome to Our House” signs tailored to each Athletics venue, with reminders of the House Rules set against the backdrop of a venue photo.

Our House: It's usually quite loud

In addition to reminders in the game program and on scoreboard message displays at venues, the campaign goes a step further: Each winter sport had a representative record a “reminder” announcement that is aired on the public address system during the event. The announcement contains the hit song Our House, by Madness, underneath the track, with each spot being produced at the campus radio station.

In the spring, Lehigh will continue the campaign with a representative from each of those sports recording similar spots.

“We think that the sportsmanship initiative is a great idea because it does not just state rules or regulations but is about promoting our teams and encouraging fans to cheer for our student athletes in a respectable manner,” says senior football player Dave Crockett, who is the president of Lehigh’s Student-Athlete Council Executive Board.

“It involves not only the administration, but the athletes as well, as they are the voices behind the sportsmanship reminders and are the driving force to make sure that fans make the entire atmosphere more enjoyable for everyone," Crockett adds. "Athletes want people to come and enjoy being at the events, and this initiative promotes a positive attitude among athletes, coaches, and fans, and throughout the community.”

The best fans anywhere

The "Our House" campaign was developed by the Lehigh Athletics Marketing and Promotions staff, who worked hand-in-hand with the Student-Athlete council on the entire project. Glenn Hofmann, Lehigh’s associate athletics director, helped develop the project.

“We wanted to find a way to recognize our fans for having consistently promoted good sportsmanship at Lehigh Athletics events,” Hofmann explains. “At the same time, we wanted to publicly thank them for their support and for being among the best fans in the league – or anywhere.”

Ultimately, signs will be in place at all nine of Lehigh’s on-campus venues. Lehigh has led the Patriot League in football attendance in each of the last 13 seasons, and the Mountain Hawks' wrestling team is the annual leader in EIWA attendance, having sold out five of seven home matches this season.

Posted on Monday, February 16, 2004

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