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Selected Media Coverage: July 16, 2004

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Los Angeles Times (Circulation: 1,014,044)
Fitting the Military to Reality

Rajan Menon, professor of international relations at Lehigh, wrote an article about U.S. military forces being stretched too thin. “It doesn't take the genius of Clausewitz to figure out what's obvious: With 135,000 troops assigned to the war in Iraq, 17,000 in Afghanistan, 37,500 in South Korea, 47,000 in Japan and 100,000 in Europe, saying that we are overstretched is putting it mildly,” Menon wrote. “In all, there are 368,900 U.S. troops in 120 countries. Nearly 40% of the available National Guard and Reserve forces have been tapped for missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. So-called stop-loss policies have been implemented to prevent soldiers from leaving units that have received orders to deploy… It's time that we review what we can afford to do for others, and what they should rightly be encouraged to do for themselves. If we avoid such a recalculation, we will perpetuate outdated strategies, continue to overextend our military and persist in the strategic infantilization of our allies.”
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Discover (Circulation: 1,000,000)
The Atomic Hammer and Chisel

David Williams, vice provost for research at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about the new high-precision microscope at Lehigh that material scientists hope to have up and running this fall. An electron microscope is one that generates exceptionally clear views of atoms that may allow scientists to create novel materials or detect atomic-scale defects. The device illuminates its target with an electron beam and detects the dispersed electrons or X-rays given off in response. They will use it to study minute defects such as brittle failure, an atomic-scale weakening of metal. “Sometimes the presence of only a few parts per million of the wrong element can cause steel or copper to snap,” says Williams.
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R&D Magazine (Circulation: 100,000)
University Becomes Leading Microscopy Facility

With the recent acquisition of a new JEOL transmission electron microscope, Lehigh University now becomes the only U.S. academic institution equipped with two aberration-corrected electron microscopes. Along with a scanning tunneling electron microscope purchased ten years ago, officials at the university state the newest addition will help support current research ventures, such as nano gold characterization, currently being investigated at the university’s Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.
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Public Opinion (Chambersburg, PA) (Circulation: 18,196)
Record Herald (Waynesboro, PA) (Circulation: 9,500)
Echo Pilot (Greencastle, PA) (Circulation: 2,500)
Lehigh and County Tech Center Will Offer Master’s Degree Opportunities at Chambersburg Facility

Franklin County Career and Technology Center and Lehigh University have announced a distance education partnership that will allow students in the area to earn Lehigh master’s degrees at the FCCTC facility in Chambersburg. Graduate programs covered by the partnership include MBA, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, molecular biology, quality engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry and polymer science and engineering. A graduate level certificate program in supply chain management will also be available. According to James Brown, director of distance education at Lehigh, “We are delighted to partner with the FCCTC, and look forward to bringing new educational opportunities to the Franklin County area.”
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Rendell to Give Valley Up To $19.5 Million in August

Bethlehem saw just two projects funded by the governor's discretionary grants in 10 years: $5 million for the Zoellner Center for the Performing Arts at Lehigh University and $4.5 million for the National Museum of Industrial History. Only the money for Zoellner has been spent. Gov. Ed Rendell will return to the Lehigh Valley in August to deliver $7.5 million to Bethlehem for two South Side projects and possibly an additional $12 million for a baseball stadium in Allentown in what he said will be the first step in making up for a decade of shortchanging Lehigh Valley cities.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Plan Ahead: Culture Chronicler

At Lehigh University’s Zoellner Arts Center, photographer/visual artist Hector Mendez-Caratini, a sociologist of his native Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean, is showcased in ''Through the Eye of Memory,'' a four-decade retrospective running July 28 through Sept. 12.
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Posted on Friday, July 16, 2004

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