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Student leaders recognized

The awards ceremony, themed “Leading into the future and reaching for the stars,” helped highlight the many accomplishments and contributions of Lehigh’s campus leaders who will leave their legacy on the campus and become the stars of tomorrow.

Michelle Sushner ‘04 received the Bosey Reiter Leadership Cup. The award criteria are defined chiefly in terms of moral character and “a just regard for the rights of others, together with the unflinching determination to succeed, no matter what obstacles and barriers have to be beaten down.”

”Michelle Sushner is a dynamic individual with the ability to inspire change,” says John Smeaton, vice provost for student affairs. “Michelle is respected and admired by her peers, capable of building strong partnerships between administration and students and is looked to as a resource, role model and leader in the Lehigh community.”

Sushner also received a Contribution to Student Life award.

Julia Pinshaw ‘04 and Nur-e Rahman ’04 were honored with the University Service Award presented by Ron Yoshida, provost. Pinshaw was honored for exemplifying all that Lehigh stands for: honesty, integrity, compassion, service to others, leadership by example, and dedication to academic excellence and personal development.

“Julia stands out both in and out of the classroom with her ability to show great leadership and take responsibility for herself and others,” Yoshida says.

Pinshaw also received a Contribution to Student Life Award.

Rahman was honored for her outstanding critical thinking skills, ability to empower and engage her peers in open dialogue, and for seizing every opportunity to educate those around her through both words and action.

“Whether Nur-e is out supporting and encouraging new students at Lehigh, planning exciting social events for the residence halls, or tackling the most difficult issues in The Brown and White, you can be assured that Nur-e does so with an immeasurable amount of compassion and enthusiasm,” Yoshida says.

Rahman also received a Contribution to Student Life award.

Kenneth Sinclair, chairperson and professor of accounting and advisor to the Accounting Club, received the Faculty Advisor Award. Nominated by students as a faculty member who has made a significant difference in the organization and the lives of its members, Sinclair is “an inspirational role model who wants nothing but the best for students and dedicates his time and energy unselfishly to ensure students’ success and happiness.”

Michael D’Alessio ’04, Michael Dick ’05, Anne Glowacki ’04, Melissa Klein ’04, Tarence Smith ’05, and Kasia Voychick ‘04 all received the Student Senate Leadership Award. The award was established by Lehigh’s Student Senate to recognize juniors and seniors who exhibit outstanding leadership skills in aspects of student life through student government, student organizations, or athletics.

Annie Boig ‘07 received the Residence Hall Association Character Award, which recognizes a student who has worked to improve student life at Lehigh in Residential Services or Residential Life. Boig’s nominators say: “Annie can always be found supporting others in the Lehigh community. It is her amazing commitment, fun-loving personality, and great character that enable her to lead successfully in everything she does.”

Boig was credited with showing great dedication to quality residence hall programming and has been instrumental in coordinating numerous community service and educational programs for her residence hall and Lehigh as a whole.

The Contribution to Student Life award recognizes Lehigh seniors who have significantly contributed to the improvement and quality of student life during their years at Lehigh. Each nominee was measured by their involvement in campus activities, campus governance, community service, leadership within student organizations, academic initiatives, and their pursuits to empower and support their peers.

In addition to Sushner, Pinshaw, and Rahman, the other recipients of the Contribution to Student Life Award were Rebecca Carlson, Kathryn Chafin, Michael D’Alessio, Howard Dingle, Anne Glowacki, Daniel Greenawalt, Oscar Guerrero, Melissa Klein, Linsey Kokal, Brian Lime, Jessica McCarthy, Gregory Meyer, Margaret Miller, Lauren Russo, Michael Schaefer, Jane Tarica, Edward Walsh and Seth Yerk.

Ravi Patel ’05 received the Service Above Self Award, which honors students or student organizations who best exemplify the qualities of caring and concern for others through their participation in or coordination of volunteer and service activities.

The Alumni Association awarded Mike D'Alessio, Anne Glowacki, and Mike Schaefer the Undergraduate Merit Award. The award recognizes seniors who by exemplary character, personality, scholarship, and participation in extracurricular activities, represent the highest tradition of Lehigh University. Mike Gregorek, Nancy Kanetsky, Melissa Klein, Jessica McCarthy, Gaurav Mirchandani, Michelle Sushner, and Tyler Tate received Undergraduate Merit Awards Honorable Mention. Xiaohan Zhang and Nathan Jameson received Graduate Student Merit Awards.

The Graduate Student Life Office awarded Donald McCullough the Graduate Student Life Leadership Award, which recognizes an outstanding graduate student leader who has shown exemplary scholarship, leadership, and service to the Lehigh graduate student community.

The Student Life Leadership Award recognizes extraordinary performance by a student leader at Lehigh. Six senior students were presented this award, judged by program development and implementation, their work to bridge cultural differences and to enhance multiculturism, participation in student governance, and overall positive impact on Lehigh students. This year’s recipients were Kathryn Chafin, Anne Glowacki, Daniel Greenawalt, Oscar Guerrero, Brian Lime and Jane Tarica.

--Sarah Suh

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2004

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