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Plan ahead for maximum fun

Wow, the year is really flying by … and it has been an exciting and busy one! And not just for alumni, but for the entire university. Not only do we launch a $500 million capital campaign this Friday, Oct. 15, but the week after we hold our annual Young Alumni Reunion(October 22 & 23). We are particularly excited about the 2004 event in that it helps us measure the success of our efforts to increase participation among the largest segment of our alumni population—young alumni.

This is the third year for the Young Alumni Reunion; it follows two years of success in bringing young alums back to campus. Our goal in creating this event was to increase alumni attendance looking at the classes from one to 10 years out. The first year we focused on building attendance at the five- and 10-year reunions. During the second year, we worked to increase attendance among the “in-between” class years.

In the summer of 2001—the last year before we launched the Young Alumni Reunion—a total 95 young alumni came back for the five- and 10-year reunion. And most of them were in the five- and 10-year class. When we held the first Young Alumni Reunion in the fall of 2002, 650 young alums came back. And in the fall of 2003, the second year of the event, we had 580. Of particular note is that the in-between reunion year alumni made up one-third of the attendance last year.

The 2004 young alumni reunion registration has been open for nearly two months, you can see that the number in the five- (1999) and 10- (1994) year classes are very high. We are also working hard to get the 0 year (2004) graduates to come back, and you’ll notice the response has been pretty good. We are hoping for an attendance total in the 600-700 range this year.

We know that young alums tend to plan your weekend events and travel at the last minute. As a result, we’ll see the numbers on the Web site shoot up as the weekend approaches, especially the day-of signups.

Please help us get the word out that registering early is important so that we can do our best to plan the event. When it comes to preparing food, events, and activities, having an accurate estimate is invaluable.

If you’ve not signed up, register now and make your plans early before space fills up. Expect another great time on campus and I’ll see you there!

Chris Marshall ‘88
Alumni Director

Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2004

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