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Selected Media Coverage: December 14, 2004

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}

CBS Radio

Rajan Menon, the Monroe J. Rathbone Professor of International Relations at Lehigh University, was interviewed by CBS Radio on Sunday, December 12, on the withdrawal of Bernard Kerik, whom Bush nominated for to replace Tom Ridge as head of Homeland Security.
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Agence France Presse – English
Different Cultures a Key Challenge as Lenova takes over IBM’s PC

Geraldo Vasconcellos, professor of finance and law at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about Chinese technology giant Lenova absorbing US-based IBM’s personal computer business. “The difference in corporate cultures would normally be a formidable obstacle," said Vasconcellos. "But American companies have been investing massively in China for some time now.”
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Los Angeles Times (Circulation: 1,014,044)
Afghanistan’s Minor Miracle

Rajan Menon also wrote an op-ed on the current state of Afghanistan. “Finding bad news about Afghanistan is easy: The press brims with stories of its travails,” he wrote. “For starters, there's the Taliban, which remains a threat, particularly in the south and east. Though scattered by American firepower in late 2001, its fighters continue routinely to kidnap and kill foreign aid workers and to attack Afghan and Western troops. Moreover, Afghanistan today is less a state than a precarious balance-of-power system in which warlords with private armies rule the provinces, paying the central government scant heed.”
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Fort Wayne News Sentinel
In Special Ed, Silence Speaks Volumes

Perry Zirkel, professor of educational leadership in the College of Education at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about students who are so severely disabled that they can’t speak for themselves. Parents rarely prevail when they take on the school system in such cases. The article specifically focused on a case involving a sophomore named Leo at Samuell High School has been recuperating from third-degree burns to his left hand since October 18. His parents believe someone at Samuell held his hands under scalding water and then denied anything happened. "Resolution of these things in terms of truth and remedies is very difficult," said Zirkel, who has studied hundreds of civil cases in which parents challenge a school district's treatment of their disabled children. "You have very low success rates for parents.”
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The Patriot News (Circulation: 103,372)
Creationism Evolves into Court Fight

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about a battery of national civil liberty groups that plan to join today with a knot of Dover Area School District parents to file a federal lawsuit aimed at blocking the Dover Area School Board's decision to teach "intelligent design" in a ninth-grade biology course. The Dover board voted 6-3 in October to require teachers to present intelligent-design theory as an alternative to evolution, which must be taught under state academic standards. Perhaps the best-known scientist in the intelligent-design movement is Behe. Behe agrees that living things evolved from common ancestors, but he says Charles Darwin's description of how evolution occurs -- natural selection among random mutations -- cannot explain the complexity he observes as a biochemist.
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The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
Parveen Gupta, associate professor of accounting at Lehigh, was quoted in an article about the Agere workers’ medical benefits change that will occur on January 1. ''Employees have to think about where this company is going in the future and make a decision,'' said Gupta, who examined Agere's pension plan changes at the Morning Call's request. Gupta said for employees who choose to remain with the company until they reach 65, there is no guarantee they will not be laid off before they retire. ''The employees are going to be shouldering a lot of risk,'' said Gupta, who teaches a course on corporate governance and risk management.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Agere To Seek Reverse Split to Boost Stock

Parveen Gupta was also quoted in an article about Agere’s seeking of a reverse split that would increase the company’s share price by reducing the number of outstanding shares. Agere, the Lehigh County, chipmaker is seeking approval for such a move because its stock has fallen more than 50 percent since January and has been trading under $2 since July. Ethically, the disparity in voting rights is seen as a counter corporate governance measure, said Gupta. ''The management is doing the right thing here,'' Gupta said. Agere Systems will ask shareholders to approve a reverse stock split that could boost the company's share price up to 40 times.
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**Athletics in the News

The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
The Express Times
Lehigh’s Bergen Named All-American

Lehigh University tight end Adam Bergen repeated as a first team I-AA all-American selection by The Sports Network. Mountain Hawks' defensive lineman Tom Alfsen was a third-team choice on the squad announced Monday. The Sports Network selections were based on more than 100 votes cast by sports information directors and selected media. The 6-5, 261-pound senior from Seaford, N.Y., caught 54 passes for 634 yards and eight touchdowns, the most impressive statistical output of any tight end in the country. He was the leading receiver for the Mountain Hawks, who went 9-3 and shared the Patriot League title with Lafayette.
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**News of Interest

The Morning Call (Sunday Circulation: 167,191)
Fate of Steel Remnant Uncertain

Lehigh University was mentioned in an article about Bethlehem Steel’s sale of buildings and land to Lehigh when the company fell on hard times. The 75 employees at Homer Research Laboratories in Bethlehem kept their jobs when International Steel Group of Cleveland acquired Bethlehem Steel for $1.5 billion last year. ISG was so impressed with the steel research center, which was once the world's largest steel laboratory, that it kept Homer open.
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Posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2004

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