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Selected Media Coverage: June 17, 2004

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The Sacramento Bee (Circulation: 302,804)
Media Savvy: Chasing History

Jack Lule, professor of journalism at Lehigh, was quoted in a story on the ten-year anniversary of O.J. Simpson's drive in the white Ford Bronco. Why such a sizable audience for Simpson? A decade later, media scholars like Lule are still sifting through the rubble of history for answers. "You have to wonder what it is about the public that's attracted to these things," says Lule, author of 'Daily News, Eternal Stories: The Mythological Role of Journalism.' "It's difficult to say. I think this story touched chords that people don't fully understand."
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
What Are Our CEOs? Chopped Liver?

Lehigh University professor of economics Robert J. Thornton was mentioned in an article that appeared on Sunday listing the highest paid executives in the Lehigh Valley. Two economists — Lehigh University professor Robert J. Thornton and Stephen Herzenberg, director of the Keystone Research Center, a liberal public policy think tank in Harrisburg — both said they don't believe it is market forces that are driving the high CEO compensation. Thornton showed data from a 1997 study that found CEOs in the United States are paid more than twice as much as CEOs in other industrialized countries.
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The Morning Call (Circulation: 130,360)
Lehigh Institute a Treat for Musicians, Public

The third Oxford Summer Institutes at Lehigh University, a weeklong event that offers choral concerts for the public and in-depth education for conductors, composers and choral singers, opens Sunday. The event began with a symposium on choral music at Lehigh four years ago. Steven Sametz, artistic director for the institute and professor of music at Lehigh, says that Christopher Johnson, editor of the choral music publication at Oxford University Press, proposed co-sponsoring a symposium as a way of marketing its choral publications. The deal would also raise the stature of the event — Oxford University Press has the largest list of choral music publications in the country. The Lehigh University Music Department and Zoellner Arts Center also are sponsors.
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The Express Times (Circulation: 50,522)
Shelter Adds 3 Apartments for Homeless

Tom Lloyd, a Lehigh University research scientist, was mentioned in an article about New Bethany Ministries unveiling three newly renovated “transitional housing” apartments. The building itself was once a hotel with a bar on the first floor. Lloyd said that in the early 1980s, the owner went gambling in Las Vegas and literally bet the house -- and lost. For almost 20 years, the third floor of New Bethany Ministries' Wyandotte Street shelter was vacant and in disrepair. Now, for three once-homeless families, the top floor will be a place for them to patch up their lives.
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Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2004

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