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Expert to share secrets to detecting lies

Korem, who is also a documentary producer and independent investigative journalist who has lectured at the FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit, wil deliver the lecture "Lies, Cons and the Truth." The program is free and open to the public.

Korem, whose programs have been seen by more than 150 million people worldwide, will discuss the profile of the person who is the easiest to deceive and how to avoid being that person. He also will share secrets on how to identify and neutralize the most dangerous deceiver, along with little-known techniques to detect lying.

In addition, video clips of real people in real situations will be used to test the audience’s "lie-detection" skills.

Korem is a much sought-after speaker for corporate, law enforcement, and education groups in North America and Europe. His Dallas-based communications company Korem & Associates (K&A) has trained more than 25,000 professionals in on-the-spot behavioral profiling for human resource, team management, negotiations, cross-cultural, and security applications.

In addition, K&A has made a unique contribution to school safety. In the early 1990s, Korem predicted the random bombing/shooting trend in schools. He based his prediction on a behavioral profile he identified that solved the riddle of why there are random shooters in the Post Office and not UPS and why random violence occurs on the assembly line and not in the art department in a company. (This Random Actor profile is the same for most suicide terrorists).

K&A has trained thousands of education and law enforcement professionals in how to identify and guide out of harm’s way the random "bomber/shooter" in schools.

His most recent books are Rage of the Random Actor (fall 2003), .The Art of Profiling—Reading People Right the First Time (1997), and Suburban Gangs—The Affluent Rebels (1995).

Korem’s public address is sponsored by the Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise, the Accounting Department and the Student Senate.

For more information, contact Rosemary Krauss at (610) 758-4771.

--Kim Plyler

Posted on Tuesday, October 14, 2003

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